Silence and Prestor Dragons

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This deck follows the normal game plan for Silence Priest. You have some over statted minions that have some sort of drawback associated with them. Your ultimate goal is to draw either Lady Prestor, Lorekeeper Polkelt, or Taelan Fordring. The first is the deck goal while the second two will get you to her in the next turn or two. Once you play our Dragon Lady your silence spells can be used on enemy minions instead. I took some of the low end of the silence minions out to put in some of the bigger 5 mana ones instead. These will retain some of the 8/8 stats from the bigger dragons while still having the mana discount. From the UiS set we have the obvious Lady Prestor inclusion for the deck payoff. I also added in Package Runner as a 3 mana 5/6 and used Royal Librarian as a silence effect. Since Prestor only affects cards in deck, the Librarian also gives you the tradable option. You can keep it for the silence effect or toss it back in for one more random dragon to be created.

The mulligan should focus on either getting one of the three key cards mentioned earlier or a combination of early minion and silence effect. Your opening plays are going to be targeted at getting one or two of the low cost minions on board and using your silence effects to establish board control. I think the ideal curve gets you to Fordring on 5 to let you draw out Prestor for play on 6. This the taunt should help slow down damage and allow you to have a slight bit of breathing room start  the dragon transformation.

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