"I Hate Questline Warlock" Warrior

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Ugh... a new degenerate deck has arisen, and it's time for me to theorycraft decks that can potentially cover as many weaknesses as possible. It is an insanely daunting task, but I am trying to help the community, even if I myself do not play much or play in too low of a rank to test. Or I just don't have a big collection. :>

So the basic premise of this DMH Warrior deck is to tackle on trying to patch as many holes as possible that make Questline Warlock so strong - fast development of big and wide boards, inevitable win condition, immense burst damage. This deck has some tools against all three.

While we may not have as much of a win condition, we have literally infinite value with Dead Man's Hand. If anything, we can duplicate Venomous Scorpid to Discover cards and have a semblance of infinite value generation. If need be, you may play different value generation cards.

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