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Shadow Burn is a fun and fast deck with the goal of quickly burning down your opponent's health while doing the same to your own. The trick is in taking their health away faster! When you succeed, games should fall in your favor by turn 5 or 6. As this is a Shadow Priest deck, it requires being in Shadowform via Darkbishop Benedictus.

Opening Hand:  Aim to acquire Voidtouched Attendant followed by Tour Guide. With the coin and both minions unblocked on board, you can do 10 damage by the end of turn 2 with the help of your hero power, Mind Spike. Alternatively, Shadowbomber and Twilight Deceptor are good options for early damage and card draw.

Early Game: Use Shadow Visions and Twilight Deceptor to find copies of Mind Blast and Void Shard more quickly. Early damage enables a quick drop of Frenzied Felwing for board advantage. Liberal use of your hero power is also key. It is most often best against your opponent's face but can be used for early board control to protect a Voidtouched Attendant.

Caution! Versus aggro decks, it is best to hold Voidtouched Attendant as a surprise finisher to multiply your damage. If you are not able to play it early to gain advantage, it can quickly become a liability when your opponent has multiple sources of damage to attack your hero. 

Maintaining Control: Hysteria is included to counter minion-based decks (both aggro and otherwise). Ideally, it is used to set back your opponent's board advantage if it happens. In most cases, it makes more sense to continue to burn down their health over seeking board control. Your own minions are most valuable in absorbing your opponent's attacks (then keeping your health total higher) when you cannot use them to attack the opposing hero. Shadowcloth Needle can also be used to aid in board control. Plus it conveniently damages the enemy hero!

Burning Health: Cards like Shadowbomber, Psyfiend, and Knife Vendor, take down your and your opponent's health equally. Especially when discounted by Insight, they can work as surprise finishers in dealing out damage.

Staying Alive: Void Shard and Lifedrinker are useful tools for keeping your health 1 point higher than your opponent. That is all your need to win. 

Finish Them! Mind Blast is the prime choice. If you are lucky, you have picked up 2 or 3 copies thanks to Shadow Visions. Void Shard is an alternative if you need to edge up your health total. Combined with Psyfiend, Voidtouched Attendant, and/or Shadowcloth Needle, you can dish out extra damage to get to the win.

Go For The Draw: If you cannot win, see if you can go for a draw. With the abundance of cards in the deck that damage both heroes, it can often be done when your own health total is only slightly lower than your opponent.

Card Swaps: Hysteria is often an unnecessary card. One or both copies could be dropped in favor of another Raise Dead or other cards. Radiant Elemental has potential with its spell mana cost reduction. Spawn of Shadows seems like an obvious inclusion but may be too slow as its abilities cannot be used immediately without 6 mana available. For a bit of nostalgia, Leeroy Jenkins could also be included for burst damage. As both minions could be discounted by Insight, they could prove effective.

As with any aggressive deck, when in doubt — go for the face. 

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