OhNoesHS' 12 Wins Elemental Fire Mage

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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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OhNoesHS stepped up Dsorrow's game and implemented an Elemental package into the Fire gameplan. However, even if the paths may differ, the result was still the same: 12 wins!

This run featured the second of the Flame Waves, which allows you to incinerate (quite literally) your opponents without leaving them a chance to build a board and knock you out. Here are some deckbuilding advices literally from the player who piloted the deck all the way to the end of the run.

Quote From OhNoesHS

Pyros definitely needs to be cut and I need to find room for Hot Streak, Lesser Ruby Spellstone, and Sanctum Chandler. I probably can cut Fire Plume Phoenix and Blazecaller, but I also like them for the early matches.

I also thought about adding Grand Finale in the original decklist because there are so many Elementals, but the meta is so fast and you don't have enough health in the early matches. So Blazecaller is there as extra face damage instead of Grand Finale.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Mysterious Tome

Second pool - Flame Waves

Frost Shards Card Image Elemental Learning Card Image

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