[Wild] Kor'vas Buff OTK (Cheap)

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1st Warning: I do not claim to be a renowned Hearthstone player with years of experience to look back to. This is merely an idea for a deck which is at the very least not useless while at the same time not boring as all hell. Feel free to downvote this deck if it is simply not working and if so, give advice on how to change that. Best not use this deck if you intent on climbing high on the ladder.

2nd Warning: Up until this day I have not spent a single Penny on Hearthstone and I mean to keep it that way. My card collection is scarce, hence I labelled this deck as cheap. Even though I will gladly read the advice, keep in mind I created this deck for cheap on purpose.


The purpose of this deck is to buff Kor'vas Bloodthorn Card Image using Hand Buffs such as Arena Fanatic or Deathaxe Punisher high enough to play her and Battleground Battlemaster for the OTK .

The rest of your deck is either Boardclear/Survival or Carddraw to get your minions faster.

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    Love the idea, and doubly love using forgotten cards in fun ways! 


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