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Wild Hearthstone has thousands of cards, and a wide variety of possible decks. This incredible deck diversity is sometimes lost when only Demon Hunter has gotten a new viable archetype after the miniset: Big Demon Hunter. As opposed to Big Demon Demon Hunter which uses big demons and big demon synergy, Big Demon Hunter is a Big deck like Big Shaman, Big Paladin, or Big Warrior and uses Proving Grounds to cheat out huge piles of stats as early as turn 5 and can use that pressure to overwhelm an opponent's minions. To counteract the negative effect of Proving Grounds making the minions attack each other, the deck uses deathrattle, dormant, and divine shield minions. Overall, it's a fresh way to play Demon Hunter which will probably only get more support in the future.

Now, let's get into a guide on playing the deck. It's going to go through major overarching strategies to keep in mind, how to mulligan, gameplay tips on key synergies, and card choices.


This deck starts off by controlling the board with powerful board clears and removals, shifts into a mana cheat strategy in the midgame, and ends with a general big minion strategy if necessary.


Board Clear - Before you can play Proving Grounds, you need to use all your board clears to focus on survival. Demon Hunter has some really high quality ones like Chaos Nova. Aldrachi Warblades and attack buffs let you maintain board control while keeping up your health total. You should also use card draw to dig for Proving Grounds if you didn't draw it.

Mana Cheat - Use Proving Grounds for a huge tempo boost and board swing. If you didn't draw it, you can use Blatant Decoy as a backup mana cheat card.

Big Minions - If your Proving Grounds tempo swing was dealt with, you can simply start dropping your multiple big minions one at a time and hope to overwhelm any hard removal.

This deck is a highroll deck, which has no pressure in the first 5 turns and then uses mana cheat for huge tempo in the midgame. Therefore, any fast combo deck will be able to beat this one before it gets going. Control decks are winnable, as it depends on trying to overwhelm their removal in the long term. Aggro decks are often the best matchups for this deck, as you can use your powerful board clears to survive and then dominate the board after a Proving Grounds.

This highlight shows the deck winning against Even Warlock, another deck that can cheat out large stats for low mana.


Always hard mulligan for Proving Grounds. It's your most important card by far.

If you already have a Proving Grounds, you can keep a second one if you don't think you're against aggro. Otherwise, look for Sigil of Flame, Aldrachi Warblades, and Chaos Nova.


This deck is pretty straightforward to play. It doesn't have a lot of synergies to think about while playing, you just need to use your survival and card draw early on and then have fun with mana cheating from Proving Grounds. If Proving Grounds is cleared and doesn't win the game you will have the mana to play big minions normally.

Below are gameplay tips regarding many of the synergies in this deck and how to use them effectively.

Aldrachi Warblade Synergies

One thing that is important to keep in mind is the synergies with [Hearthstone Card (Aldrachi Warblade) Not Found]. You can use cards discovered from Illidari Studies, Chaos Strike, and Relentless Pursuit to increase its attack and the amount of lifesteal, Relentess Pursuit is especially great as it lets you attack a minion and not take damage.

Keep in mind that you can sometimes get surprise lethal with burst damage from hand using all of your attack buffs and going face.

Mana Cheat Synergy

Proving Grounds works well in this deck because you still get a great board even if the minions summoned attack and destroy each other. Most of the minions are deathrattle minions with powerful deathrattles.

In addition to rolling deathrattles that leave stats (often taunts), you have Imprisoned Antaen which will not attack the other minion summoned due to being Dormant. Another non-deathrattle minion you can summon is Colossus of the Moon, which will lose Divine Shield after it attacks but still be a powerful threat with Reborn.

Finally, you have Blatant Decoys which are good both from Proving Grounds and played on their own. While Proving Grounds cheats out big minions in your deck, Blatant Decoy will cheat out the lowest cost minion in your hand, which will be a minion costing 6 or higher. While it may help your opponent too, their minion will usually cost less than 6 and is often an understatted battlecry minion. Furthermore, it can sometimes cheat out your opponent's combo pieces.

Card Choices

This section is going to go through the main packages of cards in the deck. Each package has cards that help the deck with a specific goal. When playing the deck, it's useful to know what purposes each card serves and what other cards in the deck have synergy with it or help achieve the same purpose. This section might also be useful if you're interested in the reasoning for why each card was included in the deck.

Board Clears

Immolation Aura Card Image Sigil of Flame Card Image Chaos Nova Card Image

These are your board clears.

Weapon and Attacks

Aldrachi Warblades Card Image Chaos Strike Card Image Relentless Pursuit Card Image Illidari Studies Card Image

Aldrachi Warblades in conjunction with attack gains allows you to have single target removal, burst damage, and self healing.

Card Draw

 Illidari Studies Card Image Chaos Strike Card Image Acrobatics Card Image Need for Greed Card Image

Card draw lets us get to Proving Grounds and removals more consistently.

Mana Cheat

Proving Grounds Card Image Blatant Decoy Card Image

These are your mana cheat cards. Proving Grounds is the superior option, but Blatant Decoy can be powerful too.

Big Minions

Imprisoned Antaen Card Image Coilfang Warlord Card Image Plagued Protodrake Card Image Colossus of the Moon Card Image Scrapyard Colossus Card Image

These are the big minions you want to cheat out.

If you like other Big decks, give this one a try. It's probably less competitive than other class' as of now because it has fewer mana cheat cards, but Proving Grounds gives Demon Hunter higher potential for immediate mana cheat than many other Big decks. In the future, this deck will probably get more support either from more ways to mana cheat big cards, more great minions to cheat out, or better spells for removal and card draw. If you have a question or comment, or are wondering about a card substitution, post below.

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    Great deck as always from you. I’ve been having a ton of fun with Big Demon DH but I’ll definitely branch out and give this a try. 

    If I may be so bold as to suggest a very stupid idea for a future deck that I have been unable to get out of my head: Questline Mecha’thun Demon Hunter? Control board, complete quest and discount some combination of Mecha’thun, Voodoo Doll, and a spell to kill the board/the doll to kill Mecha’thun (ala MarkMcKz’s version of the deck from a year+ ago, now with questline support? Absolutely not a good idea but it seems like it could be fun if a smart deck builder like yourself put some thought to it. Just a thought! 

    Thanks for the deck ideas! 

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      Interesting idea, maybe it gets support from the latest expansion.


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