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With the new cards Sandwasp Queen and Salhet's Pride revealed, my urge to make some janky tribal decks has been rekindled.

Crystology Card Image Untamed Beastmaster Card Image Salhet's Pride Card Image 

This time I'm going for a Beast-heavy Paladin deck that makes use of Crystology and Salhet's Pride to draw beasts for Untamed Beastmaster to buff.  Trying to go for a pure Beast paladin route, I felt there wasn't enough going on and decided to go for another Menagerie deck with it.  The beasts do take up a lot of room though, so there aren't as many Dragons and Murlocs compared to my other Menagerie decks.

Crystology can draw Dire Mole and Hungry Crab for beasts.

Salhet's Pride can draw Sandwasp Queen, Hench-Clan Hogsteed, and itself for beasts.

Even though it makes Crystology inconsistent for drawing beasts, I've included Vilefin Inquisitors because they're just too good to pass up in a menagerie deck.  Having your hero power summon a Murloc helps out a lot with rounding out the tribes for Menagerie Magician and gives us a consistent target for Hungry Crab if the opponent doesn't have any Murlocs to eat.


Once Saviors of Uldum is live I plan to fully test out the deck and modify it.  Depending on how reliably the deck can keep a full hand, Twilight Drake or Midnight Drake may be worth testing even if they do mess with the consistency of drawing beasts from Crystology and/or Salhet's PrideSteward of Darkshire would also likely be a good card for the deck since it has so many 1-Health minions and tokens and I expect the theme of 1-Health Paladin to get more support this expansion too.


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