Who is "The Wheel of Time" for?

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MovieZine's writer Jonathan Enochsson has seen the first two episodes of Amazon Prime's new major investment based on "The Tale of the Dragon's Return" and is not convinced. Gunpowder Milkshake
As usual, there has been talk of the next "Game of Thrones", which is inevitable when a streaming service delves into epic adaptations of fantasy books. Who knows, someday we might get a new cultural phenomenon to talk about at the coffee station in the office. Encanto A new series you have to see on the release day to not risk spoilers. Unfortunately, the comparison is disappointing this time as well.

More "fantasy", less politics

There is no doubt that "Wheel of Time" is a fantasy series. Here we do not have to wait several seasons to get a glimpse of magic, or a glimpse of dragons.Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City  Already in the first episode, we see sorcerers practicing brutal magic and horn-adorned monsters slaughtering villagers to the right and left. There are no complicated political power struggles or complicated side tracks here.

Rosamund Pike nicely and neatly explains the background story in two sentences before the first scene and vips, we are sufficiently familiar with world construction to keep up with the plot. That seems to be the idea anyway. If you have not read the books, then you should not expect an in-depth introduction.


An obscure dystopia

We find out that the world was destroyed a long time ago. The so-called Dragon tried to contain some form of evil, failed and the seas boiled. Now the Dragon has been reincarnated as one of four ethnically diversified teenagers and a magician and her servant must find the chosen one to save the world. 레지던트 이블: 웰컴 투 라쿤 시티

There are some things that are difficult to keep up with here. First, it is difficult to understand how the world has gone down. The gloomy background information is followed by cheerful villagers who hang out in a picturesque little village. To be some kind of dystopia, it looks pretty cozy. In addition, it is difficult to understand why the Draken character could save the unsuspecting villagers. Did you not just say that he was behind the world's alleged doom?

A little later we also understand that the "darkness" is on its way back. It is therefore very urgent to get hold of the Dragon before the powers of evil do so. Since this evil has apparently already been won during Draken's previous failed heroic attempt, it is especially difficult to understand where he is returning from. Wordpress

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