Vanndar Double N'Zoth (Pirate Warrior counter)

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Heya all,


Are you tired of the endless waves turn one Raid the Docks?! I sure was, so I've cooked up this deck. which stops the Pirate Lord dead in his tracks (if you get lucky with your turn 3,4 and 5 :))


Hard mulligan for Call to Adventure, and keep Call to Arms if you have either Call to Adventure or Vanndar Stormpike.


A funny secondary win conditon is the classic Oh My Yogg! on turn one, and pray that they forget to coin :) Usually they insta-concede if they forget to :)


The deck might be a bit too greedy with double N'Zoth, but man, is it funny to ressurect Mo'arg Forgefiend and Taelan Fordring with OG N'zoth, and then one more Forgefiend with the second N'Zoth :)


A final note: Given that Lokholar the Ice Lords card text specifically says "Costs (5) less" (and not just (5) mana, so he will be reduced to 2 mana) i am definately gonna try him out once FAV releases! Its gonna turn some games around for sure, if hes pulled out with Call to Arms and maybe even buffed with a Lightforged Blessing:D


Good luck, and have fun!

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