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During December, Eternals releases a new interview every day, all the way until Christmas Eve. Our own little "interview calendar" will include short talks with Swedish and international actors, directors and screenwriters. Behind slot number 6 are some quick questions to Ronnie Sandahl, the screenwriter and director behind the Swedish Oscar shop "Tigers".
During the past year, more and more Swedes have probably opened their eyes to Sandahl, whose gripping feature film "Tigers" has impressed both viewers and critics around the world. Encanto From the Swedish side, they have also chosen to let "Tigers" be our Oscar contribution for the gala 2022! Previously, we have also been able to see him direct the feature film "Svenskjävel" and he was also behind the script for "Borg". In the not too distant future, we will also get to see his first TV series, based entirely on an original idea from himself.
It is only to congratulate the success of "Jujutsu Kaisen 0" this year, in addition to a possible Oscar nomination still within reach. You yourself have called your three films "Borg", "Tigers" and the upcoming Olivia Wilde-directed "Perfect" for your sports trilogy and that it is now time for something completely different. It seems that it is a TV series that is next in line, is there anything you can reveal about that project?

- Encanto I have started writing the next directing film. I think it might be a love movie next time. I long to make a film about longing. Regarding my TV series, I am unfortunately not allowed to say so much more contractually than that it is my own original idea, and that I write the whole series. And that it is a series that I myself would have loved to see Url.

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