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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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Very straightforward agressive pirate deck. One of the most powerful decks in duels at the moment. 

Use bruising to outtrade your opponents on board, then use your leftover minions to do damage to the enemy. Use the spiked arms treasure weapon, that can be target drawn by raid the docks, to make your minions even more deadly. If you play Gruntled Patron while having the arms equipped, you get a full board of 5 2s. Very deadly in early turns, but weak to rancor, holy nova etc. Most decks cannot deal with this and lose on the spot. Spiked arms also serve as an excellent finisher with Mr. Smite, especially if you can add more charging pirates. Especially dread corsair is easy to play on the same turn as mr. smite.

Bucket drafting should be very straightforward, pick the one with the most pirates. Make sure you pick up no additional weapons, unless they are extremely good, for example treasure weapons or ancharr. If you see patches the pirate, he is the best minion you can hope to add to your deck. If you see no pirates, go for battlecries.

The best treasure combination is Ever changing elixir plus rally the troops. Additional pool 1 possibilities are all together now as a very close second, and general start of game effects like mysterious tome, crystal gem or small backpacks. Pool 2 alternatives are battle totem, meek mastery and bronze signet, but rtt is significantly stronger.

If you manage to pick up LOOOCUUUSTS!!!, a single cast while you have spiked arms equipped does 28 damage to the enemy player. Extremely deadly combo.

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