Double Yogg Infinite Jades 20 Mana Guff Druid! | WILD |Fractured in Alterac Valley | Hearthstone

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Double Yogg Infinite Jades 20 Mana Guff Druid! | WILD |Fractured in Alterac Valley | Hearthstone

Do you want to have fun in Hearthstone, but your opponent splay aggro boding decks all day? No worries, just play whatever you like, ranks do not matter at all in this game, trust me, rank 1 legend is the same as rank 10 bronze, all it matters is how good is your deck and how many times you've played it.


remove anything above three mana, you need jades and ramp cards lie, Overgrowth! The goal for this deck is to have a good time and play your favorite cards from the past, Jades are awesome!

Good luck!

My opponents:

00:00 Ping Hero power mage

05:45 Standard Big Control Warrior

11:51 Standard in Wild Big Warrior

Deck code:

### Jades!

# Class: Druid

# Format: Wild

# # 2x (0) Innervate # 2x (0) Lightning Bloom # 2x (1) Jade Idol # 2x (1) Nature Studies # 2x (2) Jerry Rig Carpenter # 2x (2) Moonlit Guidance # 1x (3) Ferocious Howl # 2x (3) Jade Blossom # 2x (4) Branching Paths # 2x (4) Jade Spirit # 2x (4) Overgrowth # 1x (5) Wildheart Guff # 2x (6) Gadgetzan Auctioneer # 2x (6) Jade Behemoth # 2x (10) Ultimate Infestation # 1x (10) Yogg-Saron, Hope's End # 1x (10) Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate # AAEBAaa4AwTprAK/8gKd2AOJiwQNtLsCy7wCz7wC3b4Ch84CntIC6LoDm84D8NQDr4AEsIAErp8EoKAEAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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