[Off Meta Legend] Jade Shaman

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Original Creator: Neon31's Wild Legend Report (original author unknown)

Fun / Off-Meta Cards: Zentimo, Aya, Shudderwock

Strategy: Deck plays as a midrange Jade deck where you build bigger and bigger threats. Zentimo really shines here where he can either fork three jade lightnings and summon three green men, or spam hex at all of your opponents big threats. Shudderwock closes games where the 'jaws that bite' summons a full board of big bad jades and the repeat Loatheb effect prevents the clear.

Updates: Rise of Shadows (4/16): Added Vargoth (seems like he fits everywhere) and a Far Sight and dropped Azure Drake and Rummaging Kobold. Barista is another card to play test in the future.

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