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Pretty good so far with small sample size.  Been unlucky against rogue.  Use firetree to get the tools you think you need for the matchup.

Usually muligan away your beasts so you can use predatory instincts to draw and buff them. Keep grizzly against hyper agro. Witching hour in the late game to bring back beefy taunts.

Mulligan for wrath and fairy dragon, and Firetree.  Brightwing and Twilight drake also helpful as early game minions.

Dream Petal florist on seven is good especially if you have a grizzly on board to help protect it.  If they are forced to ignore your florist, things get crazy.  0 mana Crowd Roasters and 2 mana Ysera is just plain good!

End game - use the control tools and big minions to make them run out of steam.

Changes - honestly the only changes i would make would be meta dependant. but you guys are smarter than i :). I have been seeing fair bit of murloc shaman and also token druid, so i took out the second twighlight drake for a second dragonmaw scorcher. but either would work good.  Batterhead works well to clean up wide boards as well, feels good enough to draw with Juicy Psychmelon and to play with or without the florist discount.

Try it out and let me know what you think and how to improve it!

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