Dragons of Light - Control Dragon Paladin - Rise of Shadows

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Work in progress. Waiting for more cards to be revealed - just a concept right now (an awesome one, though!).

Dragons of Light - Control Paladin

Not since Blackrock Mountain have we few, noble Dragon Paladins gotten any kind of meaningful additions to our glorious roster (*Cathedral Gargoyle cries in the corner*). But now, with the coming of the new expansion Rise of Shadows, we can finally soar once again upon the backs of our mighty Dragons of the Bronze Dragonflight. This is the Dawn of Dragons. The dawn of the greatest paladin deck in the long and dark history of Hearthstone. The beginning of the end of aggro decks - and all other decks.

Behold, the Dragons of Light!


Cards and synergies

Cathedral Gargoyle - Strong 2-drop that has finally gotten more support. Sad about the loss of Spikeridged Steed in Standard.

Firetree Witchdoctor - Mediocre stats but great ability to discover spell that suits the situation.

Aldor Peacekeeper - If the meta centers more around midrange/control decks with larger minions, this card is great for reducing the threat of high attack minions.

Bronze Herald - Pretty bad stats, but it is a dragon and adds two 4 mana 4/4 dragons to your hand, which can be buffed by Dragon Speaker and also increase hand size for Twilight Drake.

High Priest Thekal - Premium stats for a 3-cost minion along with an effect that allows for optimal and reliable use of Truesilver Champion, Lay on Hands and Nozari.

Equality - Board wipe when combined with AoE

Consecration - Good ol' card to deal with boards of small minions, deal that last 2 damage to face for lethal or paired with either Equality or Shrink Ray for annihilation of almost any board.

Truesilver Champion - Solid card for board control in mid-game.

Twilight Drake - Good stats if hand size is large. This might need more support in form of draw cards.

Dragonmaw Scorcher - Strong effect paired with either Equality or Shrink Ray or for killing small guys.

Dragon Speaker - Very weak stats but strong effect for HUGE dragons.

Shrink Ray - Neutralize the board or paired with an AoE to demolish the board

Zilliax - Strong against aggro for instant board presence and healing.

Unseen Saboteur - Tech card against spell reliant combo decks. 

Crowd Roaster - Good single target removal with tempo

Wyrmguard - High stat'ed wall.

Lay on Hands - Heal with good card draw

Tirion Fordring - Amazing value and a big threat

Alexstrasza - Usable defensively or after using Nozari to go on the offense (especially with Ashbringer equipped)

Ysera - The classic value factory and big green dragon

Nozari - If you get to play this vs. aggro, it's game over. If played following a High Priest Thekal, you're effectively sitting at 59 health and can take quite a beating, perhaps letting you get more value out of an Equality + Consecration through bluffing. Shame it doesn't have taunt.



No data yet as it is a theorycraft deck.



Wild Pyromancer

Nightmare Amalgam (good with Zilliax and is a dragon too)



Da Undatakah + another deathrattle card as an exrta value tool with Bronze Herald + Tirion Fordring


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