12 Wins Drek'thar Freeze Shaman

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Frost Drek'Thar Deck that wins games by summoning Water Elementals through Glacial Downpour and dealing lots of damage with Cheaty Snobold. Full Run


First 2 games look for any Minion you can play on curve, 2- and 3-drops. Once you find Glacial Downpour you only keep cheap Frost Spells or Sleetbreaker. If you already have something like Frost Shock into Bracing Cold, Cheaty Snobold is the next best thing to look for.


Pick every "Ice Cold" Bucket you can find, unless "No More Please" is an option. Other good Buckets are ones that contain Azsharan Scroll or Guidance. If you don't get anything useful: Avoid picking bad Spells as Treasures and Buckets to not dilute your Hero Power.


Starting Treasure: Elemental Chaos

Hero Power: Harness the Elements

Ideal Passives: Freeze Solid and Glacial Downpour

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