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Hey Guys,

This is a Legit Budget HandBuff Paladin and is pretty solid deck, you basically buff your hand and overwhelm with buffed 3 and 2 drops,

The Mulligan  Guide is simple you need 1 and drops in your hand, especially to get things, This Deck is featuring the Banner Man and Sea Floor Combo. to Dredge and Look for your Sunken Moon Catcher

Sunken Mooncatcher Card Image

Along with Light Forged Cariel

Crafting Guide 

These are the cards I only recommend crafting Since they can be used and are found in Almost every meta Deck.Amalgam of the Deep[Hearthstone Card (Amalgam of the Deep/card]

[Hearthstone Card (Amalgam of the Deep/cardimg]Amalgam of the Deep Card Image

And Lightforged Cariel if you are thinking of becoming a Paladin Player, I think Paladin is solid class in HS, So I recommend you to give it a try.

Lightforged Cariel Card ImageLightforged Cariel Card Image


N.B Other than That You should have the reset of the cards if you don't, Like Blademaster SamuroBlademaster Samuro can be replaced with Consecration

Blademaster Samuro Card ImageConsecration Card Image

I have climbed with this deck from Bronze 3 to Gold 3 my current Win Rate is 59% 26 Wins and 18% Losses

EDIT: WinRate 63% 34 Wins and 20 Losses Current Rank Platinum 10 

Edit:WinRate 64 54 Wins and 31 Losses Current Rank Plate 5

I basically lose to Mech Paladin and Mech Mage, Cause of bigger Board but other than that it's 50/50 chance to Win.

The Meta is Minion Base Right now, Mass removal are very few and this deck can easily create a 2nd board if played perfectly.

And here is Game Play Video too

<Click Here>

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