[F2P] Budget Tempo Thief Rogue v2.0 (SoU)

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Hello everyone!

It's me again with updated version of the Tempo Thief Rogue from Rise of Shadows.

This time we are stealing from ancient temples not some silly mage city, so the spoil will be even greater!  ([Hearthstone Card (King Togwaggle ) Not Found]Approved)

Thanks for upvoting, it means a lot to me. 

Main plan of this deck is to use resource generating cards and smash your opponent without running our of resources. 

This deck is very cheap to craft, as a new player you can probably build it in like a week or something. Also all Rare Cards are from new expansions, so they aren't leaving standard any time soon.


Vendetta and Underbelly Fence are a core of this deck and cannot be replaced.

-Bazaar Mugger+Reckless Rocketeer


-Bazaar Mugger +Myra's Unstable Element

-Reckless Rocketeer +Leeroy Jenkins

 -Jar Dealer +Bazaar Burglary

-Bazaar Mugger +SN1P-SN4P (you probably have him)

Simple mulligan guide:

You want to draw a good curve, so you can keep the tempo up, so generally keep low cost cards and spells, but if you really want a guide here it is:

-Always keep:Pharaoh Cat, Backstab ,EVIL Cable Rat, Blink Fox

-Never keep: cards that cost 4 or more (exept Vendetta)

-Usually keep: Hench-Clan Thug ,Underbelly Fence, EVIL Miscreant

More details about the deck will be posted later.

I hope you will enjoy this deck when the new expansion comes out., and I hope somone will find this idea worth playing.

May the RNG be with you!

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