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I know what you're thinking after lookin at this list.  You always wanted a way to slow the Questline down and make it less consistent.  Right?! Right... ...?

Anyway, I like to do weird stuff that a lot of other people would likely look at and go "Why?!"  I was already kind of playing a mix between QL Pirate Warrior and Bomb Warrior prior to [Hearthstone Card (Prince Renethal) Not Found] being released.  And I mean it was pushing harder into Bomb Warrior territory than just playing Wrenchcalibur.  I hadClockwork Goblin and a single Augmented Elekk.  It was good enough to make a Diamond 5 climb and then stalling aroudn D4 - D3, which is fine for me because that's all I usually shoot for anyway.  With this 40 card version though, I might have been able to achieve another accidental push to Legend if I had started playing it before yesterday.  So far this month I'm off to a fast start with 5-0 record (starting the climb from Bronze 10).

First things first, while the typical Questline Pirate Warrior with Raid the Docks is pushing tempo and aggression to just overwhelm the opponent and finish the quest as fast as possible, I tend to play this list more like a midrange deck, opting to control the board and utilizing my 10 extra health to trade when possible.  Ultimately the Bombs are a way to burst down the opponent, but the eventual Cap'n Rokara just helps to generate value.  This is huge the later the game goes on.

Fun inclusions like Blastmaster Boom and the Elekk would be my first suggestions to take out if you wanted to replace them with something more helpful towards the types of decks you are seeing.  Or if they just seem dead in hand a lot.  Elekk in particular I'm already thinking of replacing seeing as you need to utilize it prior to dropping Rokara on the board or what are you shuffling with the random weapons you get off her?  Maybe one extra bomb if you drop Elekk and the second Wrench late after rolling a bad rando weapon, but that's about it because even if Elekk survives you lose the Wrench next turn in that scenario.  If I decide to cut it out I think adding Dr. Boom, Mad Genius sit the first thing I might try.  Just more value generation, and if you play it before Blastmaster, the Boom Bots will have Rush.

Mulligan for Ship's Cannon, and low cost pirates like Bloodsail Deckhand, especially pirates that generate or draw more pirates, like Sky Raider, Harbor Scamp, and Amalgam of the DeepObsidiansmith is also great to keep, and don't be afraid to dredge things like Shiver Their Timbers! with him if you think you'll need it.  You don't get the +1/+1 upside, and you don't draw another pirate, but again I feel the best option is to play this as a midrange deck so board control is huge.

Captain Greenskin, Hoard Pillager, and [Hearthstone Card (Bloodsail Cultists) Not Found] can also be kept if you feel you've got enough low cost pirates to refill the hand with generated pirates or draw/dredge effects.  They are best to have prior to dropping the Rokara reward as their effects are meant to increase Bomb production.  More bombs equals more headaches for any Highlander decks, and for any of those pitiful 30 card decks out there that are trying to draw quickly for consistency.


If you try it out, good luck and have fun!  Let me know in the comments your thoughts after playing it and if you made any substitutions.

~ Thonson

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    Felt better than expected, maybe I got lucky with my draws though. :P


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