burning cards with the demon seed

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I KNOW.... I know, quest warlock is the last thing anyone wants to be good again...... but I have to try and see this will work. The primary difference with this questlock is the use of Impending Catastrophe in combination with Wicked Shipment to draw yourself faster into Fatigue. What's crazy is that Impending Catastrophe is also a Shadow spell which mean it can copied by Tamsin Roame  which in turn means you can cycle your deck faster or deal massive fatigue damage.  

I have a few doubts about some cards in here like Vile Library might be too imp focus and not contribute to the fatigue gameplan. my idea with building it like this is that if I can't burn my opponent fast enough maybe I can hit him in the face and kill them but perhaps we'll see with testing how far that gets me.

I really hope this deck doesn't become Competitive because i can already imagine the horrors of Questlock flooding the meta.

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