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This Relic DH list is a little spicy!

Illidari Inquisitor was once really good, and then died off.
“All Fel Breaks Loose” makes him relevant again.  

  • I prefer the 30-card variants of Relic DH, as you find your relics much more reliably.
    • Keep in mind, 30 health already pushes you away from being a control, and towards being a mid-range; and a lot of the typical Relic DH cards are control/defense oriented. We change those and embrace being more aggressive.
    • IMO, this is more aggressive, less defensive, more consistent, and generally better than the other Relic DH lists.
  • I found myself holding onto Topple the Idol a lot (and the RNG damage can fail when you need it too), and wanting something I could play less situationally to replace them.
  • I don’t find Xhilag to be that great really, it takes up your whole board with weak minions, and almost never sticks.
  • I didn’t find Bran to be getting his value either, because if you’re not doing a Bran/Xy’Mox or Bran/Denathrius combo (which is only possible with a lucky discount) he ain’t good enough.
  • With Kurtrus, you get punished for playing on curve well, which you want to do, no room for hero powers.
  • Prosecutor Mel’Tranix, not that great, very defensive.
  • Blademaster Okani, can be great, but can be played around easily too, another very defensive card.

Enter, the Illidari Inquisitor package. This is more aggressive.

By removing…

  • Xhilag (who has terrible synergy with All Fel Breaks Loose btw, DO NOT INCLUDE)
  • Bran
  • Kurtrus
  • 2x Topple the Idol
  • Prosecutor Mel’tranix
  • Blademaster Okani

And adding…

  • 2x Illidari Inquisitor
  • 1x Caria Felsoul
  • 2x All Fel Breaks Loose
  • 2x Raging Felscreamer

We can do things like: play up to 9 Illidari Inquisitors in one game (most, or all, of which are mana cheated).

Care less about freezing, because Illidari Inquisitor will still attack when frozen as long as your hero can. (great against mages)

Also they get their value/worth the turn turn they are played, so it's okay if your opponent has great removal options, sticking around an extra turn is just a bonus. 

Get more reliable mana cheat: because if your Relic of Dimensions hits either a Raging Felscreamer or a Illidari Inquisitor (or both) or a All Fel Breaks Loose, you’re happy. You can play put multiple Illidari Inquisitors on the board in one turn, and smash. The only things coming out of your All Fel Breaks Loose is your 7/7 Illidari from Caria, 8/8 Illidari Inquisitors, and the 4/2 Flanking Maneuver guys, which are still fine.

Even if you don’t infuse the card, cheating a single Inquisitor for 5 (or less because Relic of Dimensions), is still great.

I tossed the 2 chaos strike for Warblades since no Kurtrus. A weapon is nice for Inquisitors. A little healing too. You could sub the 2 warblades, and even the 2 Fel Barrages for up to 4 cards of your choice, but don't choose Xhilag, who screws up All Fel Breaks Loose synergy. 

It's great to put down several II's clear board with them, then smash face for 16-24 damage in a single turn. 

Maybe include Jace, and he can summon even more IIs. Still testing, but winning already. 

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