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I love the idea of a control hunter and I think this (alongside a highlander version) could be a ton of fun in the experimental stage of the SoU meta game.

High value, good reload, and plenty of flex spots for Explosive Trap the like, depending on what dominates the first few days and weeks. I'm already considering some healing that would be very helpful, but I'll work that in once I take a second look at this.

This is a very early build, so I'll be sure to update this as I get feedback and commiserate with some deckbuilders I know personally. And of course, once I get to play test.

Some replacement packages I have ready to try are:
Heavy Minion Removal:
- Shimmerfly x2, - Bloodscalp Strategist x1, - Unleash the Hounds x1, - Dire Frenzy x1
+ Spider Bomb x1, + Nine Lives x2, + Hunter's Mark x2
- Bloodscalp Strategist x1, - Multi-Shot x1
+ Bone Wraith x1, + Khartut Defender x1
Burst Combo
- Bloodscalp Strategist x2, - Hunter's Pack x1
+ Timber Wolf x2, + Tundra Rhino x1

Please let me know what you think!

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