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Inzah allows us to get a lot of discounts on many cheap overload cards, specifically Lightning Bolt and Novice Zapper. This allows us to more consistently get big Bioluminescence combos. For instance: a juiced up Totemic Evidence (thanks to Carving Chisel) combined with two Bioluminescences and two Novice Zappers gives us a full +14 spell damage for 7 mana. Combine this with 0 mana Lightning Bolt and 1 mana Scalding Geyser for big face damage. The rest of the deck consists of more sources of combo damage (Radiance of Azshara, Bloodmage Thalnos), draw (Ancestral Knowledge, Flowrider, Far Sight, Instrument Tech) and survival tools (Zap!, Schooling, Command of Neptulon). Glugg the Gulper and JIVE, INSECT! are just good cards.

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