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This is my discardlock, one of my favorite decks that I've been trying to make work for a long time, and have actually managed to make decent. While it is expensive, it doesn't preform amazingly, so just warning before you craft anything.

This deck has a lot of early aoe and taunts, in the form of Defile, Shriek, and [Hearthstone Card (Reckless Diretrolls) Not Found] in order to be able to deal with aggro (mostly paladins) but has some late-game value through the use of it's quest, Bloodreaver Gul'dan, and Deathwing if need be. It also has a decent mid-game through Doomguard, and Soulwarden for a reload. The [Hearthstone Card (Corpstaker) Not Found] package is included as you already run High Priestess Jeklik and Zilliax for a taunt lifesteal, with divine shield sometimes. The package can be made more consistent by removing the Stonehill Defender and replacing it with Tainted Zealot for an extra divine shield minion, though the Stonehill can generate additional taunts for a more value oriented game.

Mulligan Guide:

Usually you want to try to mulligan for Kobold Librarian and an aoe, while keeping the quest. Corpsetaker is definitely a keep in most scenarios as it will have taunt and lifesteal most of the time as well as divine shield if you don't draw Zilliax. High Priestess Jeklik is always a keep as it can generate card advantage and value if discarded, and be a 4-mana 3/4 lifesteal taunt if needed against aggro.

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