Anka Togwaggle Rogue V1 (WIP)

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With a new expansion comes new opportunities to meme on your opponents! Okay, well technically this is an old meme but due to Anka, the Buried our combo for today is made a little bit easier with the handy ability of reducing expensive deathrattles to 1 mana.

The combo (AKA How to steal your opponent's deck as rogue):

  • Anka your Hoarding Dragons in hand to 1 mana
  • Use [Hearthstone Card (Emperor Thauissan) Not Found] to reduce your Hoarding Dragons, Spiritsinger Umbra, & King Togwaggle by one mana (for a total of 10 mana for the combo.
  • Sometime play Valeera the Hollow so you can double up on Backstab
  • When the combo is assembled play Umbra, then both hoarding dragons (giving your opponent 4 coins), backstab one dragon (and giving 2 more coins) then backstab the second dragon with Valeera's effect (giving your opponent a total of 8 coins).
  • Lastly, play King Togwaggle. Assuming your opponent had at least 2 cards in hand already their hand will be full and you get to keep your opponent's better deck while giving them your mostly useless cycle cards, or an empty deck if combo pieces were on the bottom.


Right now the deck is WIP. The general idea is to quickly cycle through your deck while also throwing up midrange deathrattle taunts for stall/survivability (with N'Zoth as late game backup to stall even longer as needed). What I was thinking with this version using the lackeys was that the Wondrous Wand would be excellent at helping to cycle through the deck or even occasionally getting lucky and hitting a 0 mana Valeera, King Togwaggle, or N'Zoth. However, I'm not yet sure if it is worth changing the deck so much just to fit in a lackey package. Plus, I'll have to see how much of an issue hand size management is. My original shell for the deck was to be based on the slower Reno/Deathrattle package that my other Pillagers & Zombies Spectral Pillager Rogue is built around. I'll test with both builds upon launch and see how they both do. Either way I'm looking forward to reintroducing some more memes back into wild again!


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