Bloodsworn Leeroy OTK

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This is probably just a meme deck, and could use revisions, but I think this is a good starting point for a deck of this kind.  The OTK has the potential to do 22 or 26 dmg.

Fight for the board early game like you would with control warrior, build up armor to stay alive, get opponent to 22 or 26 health, and most importantly, draw, draw, draw cards.

Leeroy > Inner Rage > Rampage > Bloodsworn Merc = 22 pts (10 mana)


Leeroy > Inner Rage > Rampage > Inner Rage > Bloodsworn Merc = 26pts (10 mana)

Possible replacements:

-1 Town Crier +1 Ironbeak Owl - to get around taunts or shrink a buffed big boy.


-1 Town Crier +1 Brawl

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