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The new Paladin quest Making Mummies is designed entirely around the new keyword of Saviors of Uldum, Reborn. This inherently means that it will utilize a lot of new cards just to complete the quest. This deck is heavily minion-based and the win condition involves using the Quest Reward Emperor Wraps to copy Mechano-Egg to abuse the deathrattle, or alternatively copy minions with Taunt and/or Divine Shield to stifle your opponent while you consistently push for lethal. Reborn minions are quite sticky and Micro Mummy especially is key to the deck. Crystology and Acolyte of Pain keep things relatively consistent in terms of card draw while Subdue and Consecration aid in neutralizing big and buff minions and clearing boards without having to sacrifice your own quite as much.

Da Undatakah is in here to get additional value from the eggs. After multiple die it can be played to summon further Robosaurs, but most importantly you can copy it on turn 10 because it costs 8. Cards like Bronze Gatekeeper, Annoy-o-Module, Zilliax, and Pharaoh's Blessing provide flexible Taunt and Divine Shield keywords that can be great targets for the Hero Power. Copying a Bone Wraith before it dies the first time can also be worthwhile.

See how to play on HSReplay! | Defeating a Warrior at Rank 9. (Lethal missed on purpose to show Da Undatakah in action.)

Completing The Quest

The requirement is very straightforward for this quest, and the most important part will be completing it sooner rather than later. This is why 12/30 cards in this deck are Reborn minions. Specifically, Murmy, Micro Mummy, and Temple Berserker all have 1 Attack and can be drawn directly by playing Crystology.

Play your Reborn minions liberally until you obtain the reward while still making an effort to stifle and pressure your opponent. Playing 2-3 of them on curve at the beginning of the game is ideal. However as you gain more mana it is not difficult to play a couple Reborn minions in the same turn with some left over to use the Hero Power immediately. Getting them out quickly also forces your opponent to react to all these sticky minions.


Aside from obviously keeping the Quest you typically you want to mulligan for cards to play on curve which are ideally 2-3 cost Reborn minions in all cases, however you can't really go wrong with Crystology or Acolyte of Pain early in the game either. If you suspect an aggressive deck it might be worth looking for a Taunt minion or removal spell depending on the class.  Micro Mummy is a fantastic 2 drop for Magnetic minions and increasing Attack of your other minions, especially if you end up making several copies, so you can't really go wrong. Just avoid keeping cards that cost more than 3 Mana unless you need that Taunt early.

Common Matchups

At the time of writing the meta is still not entirely solidified, however there are a few encounters worth mentioning presently. I'll try to update this part more as things change. 

Quest Druid - My first couple of matches against druids were frustrating as i was unfamiliar with this new playstyle of having several sub-par turns to compete a quest. I realized fairly quick that these decks can struggle if you vastly out-tempo them before they complete their Quest. By the time they complete the quest you want to have as wide of a board as possible with a couple taunts availible. You should also be getting Emperor Wraps online soon and generally hiding other minions behind Taunts while you accumulate chip damage until the match is over. If you don't have anything of value established when they start abusing their Choose One cards your chances of winning are almost non-existent it seems. 

Quest Hunter - They'll be playing a lot of beasts and pumping out a bunch of damage. This one is somewhat of race. Focus on controlling the board and getting Taunt minions set up to mitigate damage while you cultivate your own. Subdue can help immensely with those big beasts like Savannah Highmane or a buffed Scavenging Hyena

Quest Shaman - This deck people are playing seems insanely op currently. You want to try your best to complete your Quest and maintain a threatening board, however they have so many tools to shut down your board. Transform effects like Hex and Plague of Murlocs ruin things quite a bit so your best bet is to withold some of your valuable cards until you can copy them. If you can't do enough damage quickly and abuse Mechano-Egg you'll probably have a bad time with all their Battlecries. 

Quest Mage - This deck will be throwing a lot of spells at you, often secrets as well. You will probably want to go face any chance you get. As with Shaman avoid playing a ton of your stronger minions until you are able to copy them, otherwise they may just end up as sheep thanks to Polymorph

Quest Warrior - Just kidding. 

Priest - So far I've seen only very slow control decks. If they have all the right answers it can be very difficult but it's possible to defeat them with enough tempo. You certainly won't have trouble completing the Quest, but don't hesitate!

Zoo/Aggro - Board control is key as always against aggro decks. Trade into their minions and abuse your Taunts. You may want to mulligan for Consecration. You can out last then if you deal with everything they throw at you.


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  • YourPrivateNightmare's Avatar
    Skeleton 2010 4741 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    I really have to recommend Krystalsmith Kangor in the deck. NOt only does he serve as a great consistency boost for crystology, but he is insane if you copy him and have healing available.

    Zilliax healing for twelve, Truesilver healing for 8, Ancestral Guardian for 16.

    It actually saved me a great deal of games against aggro since it puts them in an autoloss situation. If they can't kill me instantly they have to kill the kangors, which will heal me for a lot. If they can't kill the kangors I'll still heal and they'll enver outdamage me. Either way they lose.

    I'M also not really a fan of Annoy-o and Bronze Gatekeeper. I prefer my Army to resummon me an egg or whelp which is essential to maintain a 100% winrate against Control WArrior

  • Thez's Avatar
    195 73 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    Curious why no Mechanical Whelp. Having only the egg as your big copy threat feels a bit risky and you can run out of threats if the opponent manages to deal with them. I run this without Murmy because it is such a terrible draw beyond the early game. It does slow down your Quest completion a bit but I use the Questing Explorer to help me get there. I've also tried Pharaoh's Blessing but found it a little too situational. Beyond that it's pretty much the same except I run it with Mechanical Whelp to double the amount of potential scary cards for your opponent to deal with. Mechanical Whelp is also a Mech so it can be Magnetized on to as well.

    • Chimera's Avatar
      HearthStationeer 685 680 Posts Joined 10/22/2018
      Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

      I chose not to play the Whelp because i was trying to minimize the amount of high-cost cards i might draw early that won't get me enough value. Mechano-Egg is much better and i feel like the two copies are just enough since i don't want to get stuck with a bunch of deathrattles before i can copy them. 

      As for Murmy i didn't want to run it at first either. Ultimately though having 12 reborn minions in your deck helps with getting the quest completed more consistently and also to compliment Crystology better. I want to have a good amount of 1-Attack minions to draw something if i draw it later in the game so it's not just a dead card, and i also wanted to have more reborn minions with 1-Attack than not to give a better chance for drawing them when i use it earlier. 

      I tried Questing Explorer for a while but i didn't like that after the quest is complete it has no real value compared to other cards.

      • Sykomyke's Avatar
        Grand Crusader 780 985 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
        Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

        Chimera, you tried the 7 cost Reborn guy in the deck yet?  I've seen a few variants on ladder using it and it's definitely the "best" reborn minion by far.  Thoughts?

        • Chimera's Avatar
          HearthStationeer 685 680 Posts Joined 10/22/2018
          Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

          I haven't tried it and i probably won't in this particular deck. The only reason i am playing reborn minions at all in this deck is to complete the quest, so i don't really want to have any that i won't be able to play until at least turn 7. 

  • muaddib420's Avatar
    175 12 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    I like the fact that you cut Kangor's Endless Army.  I always felt like it was too slow and would just pull a couple of unbuffed Micro Mummy.  I also like Pharaoh's Blessing. It was laughed at on the reveal but with the quest hero power, it can be pretty useful to copy a minion with divine shield.

    • Chimera's Avatar
      HearthStationeer 685 680 Posts Joined 10/22/2018
      Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

      Yeah i feel like it's very unnecessary in this deck. It's not worth using unless you are playing a ton of magnetic minions and as you mentioned having Micro Mummy in the deck makes it super inconsistent because you are guaranteed to have at least one or two of the reborn copies dying. Da Undatakah serves this purpose much better. Skip summoning the eggs and get straight to the Robosaurs.

    • mightysamson1's Avatar
      Sparklepony 570 214 Posts Joined 06/04/2019
      Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

      I beat a deck running Micro Mummy's with a Mechanical Welp and Kangor's Endless army version just last night.  They completed the quest first and had an annoying board of mummies the whole game, but I was able to pull through the win because of the Kangor's and the big taunt/divine shield minions i was able to get off of it. 


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