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This deck is the New and improved SUPER BUFF Jade Druid with the new SoU quest and also the new Overflow card, it is really really insane in wild, if not T1 !


Update : +1 Ultimate Infestation +1 Aya Blackpaw -1 Hidden Oasis -1 Jade Idol


Pros : - summon a larger and larger men 10 times as fast as you ever could before !

           - never fatigue, never run out of cards, never get out valued, never get successfully aggro bum-rushed, counter to big priest !


Cards I don't include :

Lesser Jasper Spellstone : No armor gain at all in the deck appart from the basic hero power that you'll quickly lose and Kun on turn 10, crystal power is better on every aspect.

Replacements / Cards you can play :

Basically every choose one cards, the stronger options are : Raven Idol  -  Worthy Expedition - Power of the Wild  -  Mark of the Loa   -  Hidden Oasis  -  JOHN CENARIUS



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