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I greet all fellow Hearthstoners to my deck guide for The Forgotten Wilds. I would like to introduce decks that I enjoy for each class and feel like they are underrepresented in the Wild meta, while being relatively strong decks. What I have crafted here is a more of a midrangy style to the Druid with quite a lot of reach and enough boardpresence to compete with many of the more agressive and controlish decks. I've been tinkering with a few variants, but at this point this is a pretty consistent list that has one weakness and that is unfortunately Secret Mages, which are currently plaguing the Wild ladder with their Flame Wards, Counterspells and Explosive Runes which are all quite hard to play around with this specific list. The only way to make the list more favourable against this deck is by including some cheaper spells like Innervate or Moonfire instead of Starfire, but then you would most likely be better off cutting the Garden Gnome for Violet Teacher. Which is quite a viable strategy aswell.

Mulligan Tips

For most matchups you are looking mainly for Darnassus Aspirant, which is the bread and butter for this decks early game. If it stays unanswered you can very easily pop off out of control. If you expect your opponent to be playing a more agressive deck you can easily keep Wrath and Mire Keeper. If you're sure that your opponent is playing a control deck then you should usually keep Branching Paths and Garden Gnome.

Deck Strategies and Substitutes

As I mentioned before decks like Even Druid have a lot of room to experiment with. I've tried a couple of Variants before, but I wanted to include atleast a bit of Uldum in my list which is why I opted for Garden Gnome and found it a very pleasent addition.

As the deck only runs 2 legendaries with one of them being deck defining, it's quite good for people on the Budget!

If you don't own Kun the Forgotten King, you can easily substitute him. Although I do recommend him in this deck as he is quite a decent legendary for catching up on any tempo loss and can be used in quite a few Druid decks.  Moonglade Portal, Soul of the Forest and Swipe are all cards worthy of his place, although none of them are going to serve the same purpouse as Kun.

If you don't like the list I'll list some changes that can be made to the deck.

Miracle Edition:

Bigger than my House Edition:

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    Posted 4 years ago

    Have you considered King Phaoris or Medivh, the Guardian instead of Kun?

    • Korialstrasz's Avatar
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      Posted 4 years ago

      Not a proud owner of King Phaoris, haven’t crafted any legendary for a while, so I might give him a try as my dust seems pretty limitless at this point haha. 


      As for Medivh, I found him good in more value oriented matchups, but the token package is good enough to beat most control decks and Kun serves as a pretty decent tempo play while having the flexible 10 armor in matchups where it matters


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