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Well guys, This is a Handbuff paladin that I have been working on. It's start is slow but it can be really powerfull if you have a good draw.

The most usefull card at the beginning is crystology, that card is great because it has a lot of good targets, you can draw ooze, enchanter, stonehill and outfiter and all of them are really useful in this deck.

Stonehill is great because it let you play and minion without making your hand smaller and can discover some really good taunts, and because of the chances of discover is really common to get some really awesome taunts like tirion or sunkeeper.

Mind control tech and Rabble bouncer are great because at the beggining you don't have a lot of board prescence so it's common that the enemy starts developing his board so that's where bouncer shines because it's a great taunt and usually you can play it really cheap. Also because you buff your minions it can be a huge wall that the enemy needs to remove. And mind control tech helps you to regain some board and is also really helpfull in the late game because you can steal some really good minions.

The ooze is used in this deck instead of doppelgangster because it's easier to draw because of crystology, and that help you to start buffing it earler and is also easier to combo.

Enchanter is a really good card because it can give you a lot of value with informant, the ooze and the lich king. You can buff the ooze and with encharter you get 4 bodies (3 oozes and the enchanter) and if they don't remove the enchanter you can follow up with lich king or informant for huge value, it's also a good way to force the enemy to use removal, because an enchanter can be really dangerous if left untouched.

The main threat of the deck is that it can transform normal cards into huge minions that are hard to remove and the charge minions, with chill blade and leeroy you can do huge amounts of damage from your hand if you buff them so it really helps you to push for lethal.

Kangor helps you to regain a lot of health with zilliax and chillblade in case that you need it and it's also a really good target to buff.

Brann is helpfull to buff further your hand, or draw more or get more oozes or even stealing more minions with control mind tech. Also with coldlight it can help you to mill some cards from an unsuspecting opponent.

Maybe it still needs some work but is a really fun deck to play, so if you have the cards, give it a chance.

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