All Old Gods are Calling

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Hello everyone, this is a fun deck based on the idea of playing ALL of the Old Gods in one deck!

Note: there are only 3 old gods after the fourth one, the One that Shall not be Called for Friendly Games Again, has been expelled from the group for his assocation with the big priests.

So, why a 3 old gods deck?

This is a sort of challenge, to play all 3 old gods in once. For doing this, the general rule is to divide the list in 3 parts of nearly 10 cards each, one for each theme.

How does it works?

As I said, there are 3 parts, one for each God. The way to play this deck is to understand what should be done with every part.

  • C'thun is your win condition. His cultist are a good curve, and he himself is a good source of damage that can be played more than once if needed.
  • N'zoth with the quest is your main survival tool. The quest is a better Reno Jackson, and N'zoth means that you can end your quest by turn 10 having played half the required deathrattle minions
  • Yogg is what you praise if you are losing. He shall not be played if you are winning, only if you are losing. There are some spell and spell generator to ensure that the God of Trollness has enough spell to change the game but not that much to kill himself after having made you draw all your deck and discard all your hand.

So, you should try to play the early game with the best curve possible of deathrattle and cultist minions, and playing the late game ending the game with your old gods.
If all Gods will fail, you can play the Archbishop and start playing a fatigue based game. In this case, the cards gained and the quest should be enough to win against things that aren't infinite like Jade Druid or Dead Man's Hand warrior.

How to play this deck: against aggro

As many meme deck, this doesn't shine at all against aggro. In this case, your best hope to steal a win is to either A) get your C'thun to 10/10 and heal yourself with Twilight Darkmender or B) fullfill the quest enough soon to heal yourself and surivive.
As the deck has some number of big dudes, you should win if you survive enough time, as a control deck of old. Your resources aren't infinite, but they can be enough to shut off an aggro/tempo deck if you survive the initial aggression.

How to play this deck: against control

Here you will have the time needed for seeing this deck in action.
As I said before, the general plan is to play a curve (that can be a good one if you draw well, or a bad one if you draw only big minions) and playing a slow game waiting for your huge drop in the late turns. This is a control deck of old: you should calculate your resources and your opponent's, and then play what you need to win (and only what you need in that time! Not less not more). Your deck is big enough to be a threat, and the old gods can win the game. The idea is that having so much way to create a very big board (good deathrattle for the middle-to-high turns, Free From Amber, Twin Emperor Vek'lor, and the old gods theirselves) that they'll end their removal/aoe before you end your threats.

Against combo

Combo deck are divided in two types: who can deal a fixed amount of damage, and who can deal an infinite amount of damage or who can win without dealing damage.
Against the first ones, you can win buffing yourself to 40HP and staying here, developing your own gameplan. Against the second, you should be the beatdown and try to send everything to their face before they end their gameplan.

Tech cards:

As this deck is complicated, there isn't that much room for tech cards. But you can swap a spell for another spell, or a minion for a minion (this for balancing N'zoth/C'thun/Yogg) and add what you need. The perfection would be a spell or a deathrattle - but we know that much tech card are actually battlecries.
As this is a for fun deck, I suggest you to play none and to hope for a good matchmaking.

Mulligan guide

Always mulligan away higher cost cards and try to get the less expensive ones. You need to start playing the deck before turn 8, after all. So keep cultist and small deathrattle, and drop away everything else, expecially the Gods.

Budget Version


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