Double Quest Highlander

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Hi all! Been having a lot of fun with this deck, mostly because it feels decent against most things in wild, even holds it own against all those shudderwock shamans!  

Very many of these cards can be swapped out, I think that's part of why I like Reno decks so much.

There are a few cards that are a little underwhelming or greedy, but can still be useful. Such as-

x1 Seance

x1 Dead Ringer

x1 Crystalline Oracle

I recommend always mulligan 'Activate the Obelisk' so it doesn't sit in your hand for most of the match. You do not complete the deathrattle quest TOO fast but plenty of things help like N'zoth and Twilight's call. Feel free to sub out Madame Lazul for another deathrattle minion as it does stink a little to resurrect her.

I'm sure this works just well without activate the obelisk if you wanted to put in Shadow Anduin instead.

Most games don't be afraid to Skulking Geist early if you need some presence or if you are vs. Druid especially. Activate the Obelisk will be destroyed but it is definitely not necessary. It might be worth noting that Reno heal can complete Activate Obelisk but Amara the Warden cannot.

Some cards to consider putting in-

x1 Dirty Rat - Don't have it anymore but sure it's very useful vs. shamans

x1 EVIL Conscripter - Though resurrecting a lackey would hurt

x1 Grandmummy - Counts as 2 deathrattles but is very small 

x1 Shadowy Figure - Maybe too greedy

x1 Bloodmage Thalnos AND x1 Spirit Lash - good v shamans and token druid hopefully

x1 Tortollan Shellraiser

I dunno, mess around with it.

Follow your heart.


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