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Hey, Guys!


Here's a Theorydeck I thought about since I've seen the new Warrior-Deathwing.

The Idea is pretty simple: Survive the early Game with things like Warpath, Revenge or Blood Razor, stabilize with armor from Bring It On! or Molten Breath and in the late Game you drop giant Dragons after giant Dragons!


Core Part of this Deck is Dead Man's Hand, which will ensure that you'll never run out of threats and ways to summon them.

Also very important: Deathwing, Dragonlord! This might be the strongest card in that Deck, since it will summon all other Deathwings you have amassed through Dead Man's Hand.


The biggest weakness of this Deck is probably the lack of Shield Slam and Brawl, but I hope that Molten Breath and the new Deathwing, Mad Aspect can make up for that.


So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Would like to hear your ideas!

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