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Hi everyone!

I'm Elendil, hearthstone player since Old God's and SC2 Bronze League Hero. Several days ago blizzard gave me shaman quest, so I decided to give it a shot. I went to wild shaman deckbuilder, added quest and pressed "autocomplete".

Deck looks like a worse version of quest shaman in standard. Hoverer, the results may surprise you. I had something about  60-70% WN in ranks 10-5. It is  better than jade quest shaman

Your goal is:

a) complete quest and win or 

b) evolve something and win

Wincondition a) can be split into:

Against aggro: fight for board, try to stabilize, then overwhelm your opponent with value and token generation

Against control: pressure it, try to bait his AoE before your shudderwack turn. If you have a Loatheb fell free to add him. Or try to set-up a pseudo-otk with kobolt lackey (that one with battlecry deal 2 dmg)

Against combo: pressure him as hard as you can. Don't forget about possible boardclears. If you can't kill him, try to mill some of his combo pieces with oracle. Or play oracle + Zola and make him draw 8 cards next turn (especially effective against mechathun lock).

If you want a more detailed guide let me know!


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