We've got a brand new event in Hearthstone's Mercenaries game mode and it's here only for a limited-time! This time, we'll venture into many dangerous Bounty zones with the aid of Y'Shaarj, the strongest Old God (as well as the first to die in World of Warcraft), which already made its appearance in Hearthstone in Whispers of the Old Gods with Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound.

Our journey won't be in search of just fame and success, but you'll be able to complete a set of 10 event Tasks, which will reward you coins for Y'shaarj and many other goodies.

Here are all the tasks that are available during the Y'Shaarj Mercenaries event. Click any of the links below to visit our guide for the task.

  1. Mountain Hikers
    • Requirement: Complete Baron Geddon Bounty with at least 2 Pirates in Blackrock Mountain.
    • Reward: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 25 Patches the Pirate coins.
  2. Sustained No More
    • Requirement: Land a killing blow on Azshara, Tidemistress and Loyal Myrmidon in one turn in Queen Azshara Bounty.
    • Reward: Y'Shaarj Mercenary.
  3. Beach Day
    • Requirement: Complete Acolyte of N'zoth Bounty with 6 Humans in Darkshore.
    • Reward: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 25 Reno Jackson coins.
  4. Fight Fire with Fire
    • Requirement: Complete N'zoth Bounty with N'Zoth in the party.
    • Reward: 75 Y'Shaarj coins, 50 N'Zoth coins.
  5. No Shivers
  6. Root of the Problem
    • Requirement: Complete Ursula Windfury Bounty without Ursula attacking once in Winterspring.
    • Reward: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 50 random coins, 25 Reno Jackson coins.
  7. Rage Unfound
  8. You're a Kid Now
    • Requirement: Complete Heroic N'Zoth Bounty with all your Mercs alive in Sunken City.
    • Reward: 100 Y'Shaarj coins.
  9. Tag Team
    • Requirement: Complete Heroic Taran Zhu Bounty with at least 5 Pirates in Darkshore.
    • Reward: 75 Y'Shaarj coins, 50 Captain Hooktusk coins.
  10. Visions of Conquest

As you can see, these tasks are quite the mixed bag: while some are fairly simple to complete, others require more than a bit of thinking (and luck: that one's always welcome) and planning ahead.

Moreover, certain tasks clearly state that you need Comps consisting of Mercenaries belonging to specific races in order for your progresses to count: while the N'Zoth event was about Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Murlocs, this time you'll need the help of Humans and Pirates!

Not all challenges might be as difficult as they seem at a glance: there are usually tips and tricks to be found to make everyone's lives easier. In this series of guides we'll take a look at how to complete each event Task, so that you'll be able to get your hands on all the rewards available. As of now, we'll focus our attention on the current task.

In case you missed them, if you click the banner below you'll have access to each of our task guides for this event.

How to Complete the "Beach Day" Task from the Y'Shaarj Event

  • Requirement: Complete Acolyte of N'zoth Bounty with 6 Humans in Darkshore.
  • Game Mode: Normal
  • Rewards: 50 Y'Shaarj coins, 25 Reno Jackson Coins.
  • Difficulty: 2/5

The Acolyte of N'Zoth final fight is basically a multi-phase fight: you need to destroy the unit(s) you're against in order to progress to the following stage, for a total of three fight stages.

In the first layer of the fight, we'll have to cross our weapons with Acolyte of N'Zoth itself. To be fair, Acolyte is not going to be much of a challenge for you: it's a Neutral (so no critical damage to deal, but none to receive either) 15/150 that you can easily get rid of through either physical of special damage.

Creeping Madness 3 Card Image Howl of Terror 3 Card Image

Once you destroy it, Acolyte of N'Zoth will summon two Tendrils, which are going to summon another two units upon their death. This time, you'll have to deal with more Attack, but also with much less Health.

Creeping Madness 3 Card Image Ny'alothan Strike Card Image

Finally, we'll have to deal with a board consisting of four Tentacles (two for each Tendril killed). Unlike Acolyte and the Tendrils, the Tentacles won't summon any other unit when killed, but they have another effect: if you leave one Tentacle alone, it will gain +50/+50. Although such buff can still be taken on with ease, we advise you to just play around it, as you don't want to neglect a potentially fatal interaction.

Creeping Madness 3 Card Image

We think bringing in some form of AoE will be beneficial to you, especially against the final Tentacles. Other than that, all the final fight's units are Neutrals, so you won't have to worry about building your party with the same number of Mercenaries per role (as long as you manage to get to the end of the bounty, that is).

Moreover, you'll have to complete Beach Day with a Party consisting of 6 Humans, whose complete list can be found below:

Suggested Comps

Here are a few Mercenaries parties you can use to complete the "Beach Day" task. You'll be able to choose between many comps, suggested by different content creators, as well as mentions of budget alternatives for our readers that don't have many Legendary Mercs in their collection.

Out of Cards Recommendation - Holy Buff Comp

When only limited to Humans, you can expect your synergies to drop off a little, as you have to pick 6 Mercenaries from a rather narrow pool. For this occasion, we decided to use the great Holy/Shadow AoEs from Anduin Wrynn and Natalie Seline, as well as Leeroy Jenkins' physical prowess.

To prove this comp of being fit for this task, we actually recorded a video showing you that you can pull this off with ease.

Here are a few tips for those unfamiliar with this strategy.

  • The climbing trio is usually going to be Anduin Wrynn-Cornelius Roame-Natalie Seline/Uther, but you may want to play Leeroy Jenkins and Balinda Stonehearth in case you're against multiple Casters.
  • Regarding each Mercenary's role:
    • Anduin, Natalie and Uther push for AoE healing/damage;
    • Cornelius heals up your allies;
    • Balinda is here because Lesser Water Elemental 1 can buy you a turn (or two, if you're lucky with the Treasures) in the final fight;
    • Leeroy is your spear.
  • For the final fight, you want to start with Leeroy Jenkins-Balinda Stonehearth-Natalie Seline.
  • Leeroy needs to be in play from the very start because Ninja-Looting 1 needs some time to snowball.
  • Balinda will Freeze Acolyte on the first turn, while applying either Frost or Fire Weakness to it.
  • Natalie will alternate mass damage and mass healing, thanks for [Hearthstone Card (Splinter of Nordrassil 4) Not Found].
  • Once you manage to take down both Acolyte and the Tendrils, you'll want to have both Anathema 1 and Frost Burn 1 ready to be casted, so that you'll kill all the four Tentacles in the same moment.
  • In case you cannot do so, do not fret, as Leeroy's Get Chicken 1 + Wild Swing 1 will deal a lot without any collateral damage.

Out of Cards Budget Recommendation - None, really

While this may sound disheartening for our budget players out there, we have to point out that Humans... aren't cheap! In fact, as we already showed, there are just 15 Human Mercenaries currently available, only two of which are Rare (Cariel Roame and Cornelius Roame): then, we have 7 Legendaries and 6 Epics.

As you can see, trying to be budget is kind of an impossible mission: even if you include the two Rares, you'll still have to own at worst 4 Epics, and this does not guarantee you to have decent synergy among your party members.

If we were forced to undergo Beach Day with the cheapest possible comp, we'd try the one you see below. However, even just one or two Legendary Humans would make things much easier: see what your collection has to offer and squeeze in all the units with the highest standalone power level you have.

  • Final fight trio may be something like Cariel Roame (great self-healing abilities), Tirion Fordring (buffs, debuffs and Divine Shields) and Natalie Seline (mass healing and mass damage thanks to the third ability).
  • During the climb, use Varian's Heroic Leap 1 to make your whole comp faster.
  • Tirion Fordring's Judgment of Humility 1 is going to be very effective against the last Tentacle, as you'll reduce its 75 Attack drastically for that turn, allowing you to slot in a lot of damage with little side effects.

Other Resources

Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your Mercenaries progression journey, and we have added an #mercenaries channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own comps that you've used to complete the task above.

Good luck taking on any of these Bounties for those sweet sweet coins or just for the sake of satisfying completion!