Captain Galvangar - Mercenaries Bounty

Captain Galvangar is an encounter inside the Alterac Valley set of Mercenary Bounties. This bounty can be picked up from the Bounty Board and recommends a Party level of 30 to complete it. You can unlock Captain Galvangar by first completing Louis Philips. Completing this Bounty will unlock the Popsicooler Bounty.

Boss Card

Captain Galvangar Card Image

Characters can't be healed.

Boss Party

Frostwolf Berserker Card Image Frostwolf Lieutenant Card Image

Potential Captain Galvangar Bounty Rewards

In addition to earning Mercenary Coins based on your Party members, Bounties are assigned to specific Mercenaries to allow you to target loot better.

The following Mercenaries can have their loot appear in the Captain Galvangar Bounty:


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