We've got an update on Mysterious Stranger farming in Mercenaries - it's being nerfed in a hotfix! Blizzard is also addressing some tasks that were bugged. Read on for details.

Quote From GnomeSayin

We are currently in the process of rolling out a hotfix that makes the following adjustments to Mercenaries:

• We are adjusting the appearance rate of Mysterious Stangers to be based on the relative level of the strongest Mercenary in your party compared to the suggested level of the Bounty. This move is to encourage people towards more engaging gameplay instead of repeatedly taking on low-level Heroic Bounties with highly over-leveled Parties.
• We are fixing issues that prevented the following Tasks from being completed as written: Sylvanas’s Task 17, Scabbs’s Task 14, War Master Voone’s Task 14, Grommash’s Task 12, Baron Geddon’s Task 14, and Mutanus’s Task 9.

We will continue to monitor, investigate, and heal-up the remaining issues. We will continue to share updates in this post.