Are you still wondering what to craft in Legends of Runeterra? We've got some fun and interesting decks from some of Runeterra's top streamers that you should check out!

Yasuo & Katarina Stun Control

We're breaking out the stun gun! This Noxus and Ionia theme deck makes use of plenty of Stun and Recall mechanics to get full value out of Yasuo's passive effect that deals damage to creatures that are hit by the effects. Thanks to CzechCloud for the deck!

Zed & Braum Ally Buff

Coming to us from ManuS, this deck makes heavy use of the buff mechanics, spreading extra attack and health to your cards everywhere. We've got some basic draw through an early death on Avarosan Sentry and Shadow Assassin, spell control through everyone's favourite Deny, and lifesaving measures thanks to Kinkou Lifeblade, which gains even more value if you give it some buffs!

Zed & Katarina Elusive Aggro

Gaara has achieved an over 70% winrate with his Aggro deck featuring Zed & Katarina. We've got the benefits of Elusive here which allow us to directly attack the enemy nexus and with everything so cheap to play, we can flood the board to quickly overwhelm opponents.

Elusive Burn Fiora

This is an aggro deck from Swim featuring Fiora that lets us buff up our elusive minions so we can directly attack the enemy nexus. If we end up in trouble we can fallback on Lifesteal thanks to the included Kinkou Lifeblade and Spirit's Refuge.

Elise's Sacrifice

We've got a second deck from Swim, this time bringing together the Shadow Isles and Demacia. Elise is our only champion present in the deck and is going to help us flood the board with Spiderling. Once we've got some spiders, the amazingly cheap Dawnspeakers is going to give us the sacrificial part of the deck, buffing up our spiders as we kill off our other units. Other cards in the deck also help us to generate Spiderlings so that we can get Elise evolved fast.

The deck crushes flood-style decks with small minions since Elise gives her Spider friends Challenger and Fearsome, the latter of which is going to prevent blocks from enemies with 2 or less attack - no free blocks for you!

Teemo Doom Dots of Doom

Captain Teemo on duty! Don't we all just want to have some 'shroom fun? This deck is all about the Poison Puffcap Trap and letting us get to the point where we can flood the enemy with them.