I wish Zok Fogsnout cost 6

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Title. If Zok Fogsnout cost 6-Mana instead of 7, you could play Sing-Along Buddy and your Hero Power in the same turn with Zok. That would make him way better; as it is, you are basically forced to play him at turn 10 or later, the entire turn goes into the combo, and the result is often underwhelming. I could rely on Audio Amplifier, I guess, but outside of this singular situation the deck doesn't really care about that 11th Mana Crystal.

Hero Power Druid could be more fun and rewarding - I love messing with Hero Power-based decks, but the current support for Druid just doesn't seem to get there. Once we're past opening day and the *real* decks come out to play, I imagine Zok, Groovy Cat, and Free Spirit go back to the recycling bin...just like last time :(

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    This is the deck I'm currently running, if anyone is curious/interested. Zilliax is a Perfect/Recursive Module combination. Maybe I'll remove Wrath for those Audio Amplifiers.

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    Just play Popular Pixie on turn 8 for free hero power next turn. That deck looks super fun!

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    I am having some success with the hero power package in a dragon deck. Sing-Along Buddy plus the refresh from Popular Pixie provides a lot of bust damage (and armor gain if you need it).

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