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The premise is simple and a bit ridiculous, but still works pretty well for the purpose - as an excuse to deliver fat fights. On that front, the film has a lot to offer, with its nicely filmed and, like the model, bloody battles between characters, which are really recognizable from the games. The fact that iconic lines, techniques and executions known from the games appear is also a bonus. https://twitter.com/BNHM3_2021

The fact that practical effects are used more often than computer-generated ones also does a lot to make the fights feel realistic and more serious, even if fireballs are thrown and laser beams are fired from the eyes. However, the settlements can last a little too long and close at times, that the space to tell something more than a struggle between good and evil becomes a little cramped. https://ok.ru/group/53982664261697/topic/153380733801793

In addition to the great fighting and respect for the games, "Mortal Kombat" honestly does not offer much more. There is never enough space left to let us get to know Cole in depth, even if they try by giving him a family to care for. He mostly feels like a character that the audience should recognize themselves in, next to the rest of the gang. The others shine a little brighter, such as the wonderfully unsympathetic Kano (played by "Superstore" actor Josh Lawson) who throws film references around himself as often as he can. https://www.reddit.com/r/Filmsub/comments/nkqdan/er_der_nogen_der_kender_et_sted_at_se_f9_dansk/

The acting efforts are not significantly impressive, but it feels more like they have chosen people who are mainly good at using their fists and for how much they resemble the characters from the games, rather for how well they can deliver a line.


It definitely feels like things are at stake and that the fight is sometimes personal for the characters, but that's not enough all the way. https://www.verticalvic.fr/community/profile/fastandfurious9france/

"Mortal Kombat" is neither the best nor the worst film based on a video game I've seen, but rather something in between that stands out among many rotten competitors with its fidelity to the model. It is a cool and entertaining popcorn roll for those who like martial arts that are reasonably worth seeing for the powerful fights, the sometimes humorous scenes, the nice photo and the practical effects. For those who have no relationship whatsoever with the games, the rampant cavalcade of fights and body fluids can probably be a bit sleep-inducing.


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