Youthful Juggernaut Warrior

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For each Questline deck we build, we wanted to do something peculiar to take the value or shenanigans a step further. Our plan for Warrior? Why stop at 1 The Juggernaut?

So, this deck has a healthy helping of Pirates to complete Raid the Docks fairly consistently. As we're not necessarily aiming to overwhelm our opponent quickly with Pirates alone, we included the Cargo Guard, Circus Amalgam, and Scrap Golem to buy us a little more time to complete the questline and whittle the opponent down with Juggernaut's cannons. Ringmaster Whatley could hit a pirate and 2 Amalgams, but we've also got Scrap Golems as Mechs and Tent Trasher with Alexstrasza the Life-Binder as Dragons in case we've drawn others first.

The Outrider's Axe will get pulled into hand as a reward for completing the first step of the Questline, and a Bloodsail Deckhand or two will make equipping it a little smoother so we can keep cycling quickly. Stage Dive and Cutting Class are also quite happy to keep the deck cycling too!

Now, we can drop the pirates pretty quickly, but playing 8 of them out there isn't likely to happen until turn 6 or later, so by the time we get Cap'n Rokara in hand, we'll probably have 7 mana or more. And that means we can play Rokara and bounce her with Youthful Brewmaster for a follow up turn to summon an additional Juggernaut. Excessive? Probably... Fun? Definitely!

Have fun Raiding the Docks!

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