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Sometimes I wish I was a lovely middle-aged aunt, so I could gather all my lovely middle-aged girlfriends and go to our annual movie and laugh so we peek at something like "Tuesday Club". Then we would go straight to the nearest sushi bar and rinse down steamed gyoza dumplings with far too much Riesling, while we talk shit about our dear men and sketch big filling plans for all the new companies we intend to start. (No, I really do not want that. But you get it.)

This is a film with a very clear target group, made both by and for women of "a certain age", who sometimes need to be reminded that life is not over by reaching the 60s. The message - about daring to break with old habits and follow your dreams - is presented with such inspiring desire and energy that it can easily spread to most people.

"Tuesday Club" is about Karin (Marie Richardson), who celebrates a ruby ​​wedding with Sten (Björn Kjellman) when the news of her husband's secret mistress comes as a shock. In the same crank, an old acquaintance appears from nowhere and entices Karin on a cooking class. It is led by grumpy star chef Henrik (Peter Stormare), who seems anything but eager to teach the noble art of cooking to a motley crowd of amateurs. But on Tuesday evenings in the kitchen, Karin's old catering dreams come to life again, and soon Henrik also seems soft when he discovers her newfound passion.

A hilarious Richardson is nicely matched by Sussie Eriksson and Carina M. Johansson. They steal pretty much every scene as two colorful crunch balls for girlfriends, who are always close to laughter, swearing and booze. It will be giggling, fiery - and quite irresistible.

Overall, director Annika Appelin has found the right ingredients for a biosuccess. It offers soaked girl nights, spontaneous singing in the car, line dancing in the barn to a country version of Roxette's "The Look", troll-friendly French pop on the soundtrack and then (oh my god) these constant slow-motion pictures of delicious dishes that make it water in your mouth. Add a touch of romance and stir. But really, it's not so much about finding love in old age. Rather about finding yourself, or finding your way back to the happily naive 20-year-old you once were, when everything felt possible.

Then they have the guts to make the movie so damn gorgeous too! Every detail, down to the smallest coffee cup and scarf, is nicely color-coordinated to match the beginning of autumn in the many beautiful Gothenburg pictures that frame the story. So transparent that Nora Ephron had become proud.

I had expected to hear more cynical voices when it comes to a Swedish romcom, a genre that despite good attempts rarely offers any cinematic highlights. But the audience's spontaneous cheers and applause after the premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival indicate that "Tisdagsklubben" will be a real audience magnet. Theguardian SnowPatrolMutilatedMyHamster 

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