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This is my take on highlander tempo warrior. The deck is designed to steal the board quickly on turns 1 to 4 and then close out the game with burst damage from weapons and charge minions, while you control the board with rush minions.

However if you do not win board early do not panic, sandbinder into zephrys or siamat is always enough to give you a second chance. If you run out of steam, Octosari is there to give you resources to finish the game.

Learning when its time to stop trading and time to go face will determine your success with this list. Too early and you will leave yourself open for an early loss. Too late and you will trade yourself out of the game.

Quick tip. Evolve lackeys are best used after trading with rush minions. Inner rage with leeroy and bloodsworn mercanary is a fancy finisher but rarely is needed. Dont waste time fishing for a combo when you could have inner raged an eternium rover and copied it on turn 3. Which brings me to my final tip, dont be afraid to cruel task master or inner rage a minion with no enrage effect, but dont handicap yourself by not saving at least one for grommash. Play based off your current hand not the hand your waiting for. (Unless you have octodaddy then Yeet it out and pray)


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