Kobolds and Catacombs Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Hold on to your candles, Kobolds & Catacombs is Hearthstone's 7th Expansion. It launched on December 7th 2017 - Patch Notes

Expansion Overview

Delve deep into a treacherous dungeon in search of legendary weapons and treasure with 135 new cards and an all new single player mode.

  • New Keyword - Recruit gives you the means to summon particular minions directly from your deck to the board.
  • New Mechanic - Spellstones can be upgraded in your hand when certain conditions are met.
  • Unidentified Items - Priest, Warrior, and Paladin each received a card that randomly gains one of several possible bonus effects when drawn.
  • Legendary Weapons - This was the first set of cards to bring us Legendary weapons. Even classes that do not typically use weapons got one.
  • Rogue Secrets - Rogue is now the 4th class with secret cards. Things have gotten a lot trickier!
  • New Single Player Content - Dungeon Run was introduced along with the new set as a new single player mode.

Pre-Order & Free Content

Leading up to the release of Kobolds & Catacombs, players had an opportunity to purchase a pre-order bundle of 50 packs, along with an exclusive card back for $49.99 USD.

Additionally, some free content was available for all players.

  • Everyone received a free copy of Marin the Fox after Blizzcon prior to launch.
  • A golden copy of Marin the Fox was available for all Blizzcon ticket holders.
  • Everyone received one free legendary weapon at random for logging in after the set launched.
  • Dungeon Run is new single player content available to everyone for free.



With this expansion a new mechanic called Recruit was introduced. This keyword will summon a random minion from your deck, often with particular criteria you might build a deck around.

Call to Arms Card ImageDragonhatcher Card ImageGather Your Party Card ImageGrizzled Guardian Card Image

Guild Recruiter Card ImageKathrena Winterwisp Card ImageMaster Oakheart Card ImageOaken Summons Card Image

Possessed Lackey Card ImageSilver Vanguard Card ImageWoecleaver Card Image


These are a new sort of spell. When you satisfy a spellstone's requirements while holding it, it will upgrade to a more powerful version. This can happen a total of two times. One was released for each class:

Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Card ImageLesser Diamond Spellstone Card ImageLesser Emerald Spellstone Card ImageLesser Jasper Spellstone Card ImageLesser Mithril Spellstone Card Image
Lesser Onyx Spellstone Card ImageLesser Pearl Spellstone Card ImageLesser Ruby Spellstone Card ImageLesser Sapphire Spellstone Card Image

Unidentified Items

Cards that are Unidentified say so in their name, and all have a base effect. When drawn, they randomly gain one of multiple bonuses. Only three such cards were released:

Unidentified Elixir Card ImageUnidentified Maul Card ImageUnidentified Shield Card Image

Legendary Weapons

This is the first expansion to grace us with Legendary weapons. Each has a unique effect and stat distribution. One weapon for each class, even those that have never had one!

Aluneth Card ImageDragon Soul Card ImageKingsbane Card ImageRhok'delar Card ImageSkull of the Man'ari Card Image
The Runespear Card ImageTwig of the World Tree Card ImageVal'anyr Card ImageWoecleaver Card Image

Rogue Secrets

Everyone who questioned Rogue not having secrets was put at ease with this set! Rogue secrets cost (2), just as those of the Hunter class. You may recognize some of the effects:

Cheat Death Card ImageEvasion Card ImageSudden Betrayal Card Image

Dungeon Run

  • A free roguelike adventure in which to battle a series of 8 bosses.
  • 48 unique boss encounters provide lots of replay value.
  • Choose a class and begin with a very basic deck. This does not use your collection.
  • As you progress you will be presented with new cards and treasures.
  • Some new cards have been created specifically for this mode.
  • If you are defeated at any point in your run, it's over. Try again!

Tale of the Fox

A short story was released in three parts as a teaser for the expansion. 

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

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Revealed Cards for Kobolds and Catacombs

These are all the cards that have currently been revealed for Kobolds and Catacombs.


Ixlid, Fungal Lord Card Image
Twig of the World Tree Card Image
Branching Paths Card Image
Astral Tiger Card Image
Grizzled Guardian Card Image
Greedy Sprite Card Image
Lesser Jasper Spellstone Card Image
Ironwood Golem Card Image
Oaken Summons Card Image
Barkskin Card Image


Kathrena Winterwisp Card Image
Rhok'delar Card Image
Crushing Walls Card Image
To My Side! Card Image
Seeping Oozeling Card Image
Lesser Emerald Spellstone Card Image
Wandering Monster Card Image
Flanking Strike Card Image
Cave Hydra Card Image
Candleshot Card Image


Dragoncaller Alanna Card Image
Aluneth Card Image
Dragon's Fury Card Image
Deck of Wonders Card Image
Leyline Manipulator Card Image
Explosive Runes Card Image
Lesser Ruby Spellstone Card Image
Raven Familiar Card Image
Arcane Artificer Card Image
Shifting Scroll Card Image


Lynessa Sunsorrow Card Image
Val'anyr Card Image
Level Up! Card Image
Call to Arms Card Image
Crystal Lion Card Image
Unidentified Maul Card Image
Lesser Pearl Spellstone Card Image
Benevolent Djinn Card Image
Potion of Heroism Card Image
Drygulch Jailor Card Image


Temporus Card Image
Dragon Soul Card Image
Psychic Scream Card Image
Twilight Acolyte Card Image
Lesser Diamond Spellstone Card Image
Duskbreaker Card Image
Twilight's Call Card Image
Unidentified Elixir Card Image
Gilded Gargoyle Card Image
Psionic Probe Card Image


Sonya Shadowdancer Card Image
Kingsbane Card Image
Fal'dorei Strider Card Image
Evasion Card Image
Kobold Illusionist Card Image
Lesser Onyx Spellstone Card Image
Elven Minstrel Card Image
Cavern Shinyfinder Card Image
Cheat Death Card Image
Sudden Betrayal Card Image


The Runespear Card Image
Grumble, Worldshaker Card Image
Windshear Stormcaller Card Image
Unstable Evolution Card Image
Lesser Sapphire Spellstone Card Image
Primal Talismans Card Image
Murmuring Elemental Card Image
Healing Rain Card Image
Kobold Hermit Card Image
Crushing Hand Card Image


Rin, the First Disciple Card Image
Skull of the Man'ari Card Image
Voidlord Card Image
Cataclysm Card Image
Possessed Lackey Card Image
Hooked Reaver Card Image
Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Card Image
Vulgar Homunculus Card Image
Dark Pact Card Image
Kobold Librarian Card Image


Geosculptor Yip Card Image
Woecleaver Card Image
Reckless Flurry Card Image
Bladed Gauntlet Card Image
Lesser Mithril Spellstone Card Image
Gather Your Party Card Image
Kobold Barbarian Card Image
Gemstudded Golem Card Image
Unidentified Shield Card Image
Drywhisker Armorer Card Image


Master Oakheart Card Image
King Togwaggle Card Image
Marin the Fox Card Image
The Darkness Card Image
Zola the Gorgon Card Image
Dragonhatcher Card Image
Grand Archivist Card Image
Corridor Creeper Card Image
Spiteful Summoner Card Image
Carnivorous Cube Card Image
Arcane Tyrant Card Image
Shimmering Courser Card Image
Rummaging Kobold Card Image
Void Ripper Card Image
Hungry Ettin Card Image
Furbolg Mossbinder Card Image
Ebon Dragonsmith Card Image
Kobold Monk Card Image
Lone Champion Card Image
Shrieking Shroom Card Image
Scorp-o-matic Card Image
Gravelsnout Knight Card Image
Feral Gibberer Card Image
Sleepy Dragon Card Image
Violet Wurm Card Image
Silver Vanguard Card Image
Guild Recruiter Card Image
Trogg Gloomeater Card Image
Green Jelly Card Image
Fungalmancer Card Image
Corrosive Sludge Card Image
Cursed Disciple Card Image
Shroom Brewer Card Image
Hoarding Dragon Card Image
Sneaky Devil Card Image
Stoneskin Basilisk Card Image
Dragonslayer Card Image
Sewer Crawler Card Image
Toothy Chest Card Image
Boisterous Bard Card Image
Kobold Apprentice Card Image
Fungal Enchanter Card Image
Plated Beetle Card Image
Wax Elemental Card Image
Dire Mole Card Image

Card Back & Pack

For the Hoard

Card Pack

Game Board

Cinematic Trailer

Initial Card Reveal VOD

Final Reveal VOD


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