League of Explorers Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Treasures and relics await us behind dangerous traps in Hearthstone's third adventure, League of Explorers. It released on November 12th 2015 - Patch Notes

Adventure Overview

Embark on a journey with the League through ancient ruins and dangerous jungles. 45 new collectible cards are available in this adventure.

  • 13 Bosses - Plenty of challenging encounters await on your quest for new cards
  • 4 Wings - Each with a new set of opponents to overcome and treasures to claim.
  • 9 Class Challenges - A new class card is obtainable by completing the challenge for each.
  • Earn Rewards - Defeat all bosses and challenges to add the whole set to your collection.
  • New KeywordDiscover presents you with three card choices from which you may choose one.
  • No DuplicatesReno Jackson introduces a powerful new archetype to Hearthstone with his full-heal effect.
  • Powerful Treasures - From golden monkeys to powerful artifacts, there will be no shortage of ancient magic in this adventure.

Pricing Structure

There was no pre-order for this adventure as it was released so quickly after being announced at Blizzcon.
As with previous adventures, each wing can be unlocked for free with 700 gold, or you can unlock them all with money for $19.99 USD.

Content Structure

  • League of Explorers consists of 4 wings and 13 bosses. Each wing was released individually; one each week.
  • Defeating each boss will unlock two new cards. After defeating all three bosses in a wing you will unlock another two new cards.
  • Each boss you encounter is AI controlled with a unique hero power. Many bosses use new non-collectible cards and hero powers designed for this adventure.
  • Heroic mode is available in which the encounters are immensely difficult. A special card back, The Staff of Origination, is awarded if you manage to complete it.
  • Upon purchasing the first wing of the adventure, you immediately receive Explorer's Hat and Forgotten Torch.
  • In addition to boss encounters, each wing contained class specific challenges. Upon completion a new card is unlocked for that class.


Temple of Orsis

Zinaar Card ImageDjinn’s Intuition Card Image
Djinni of Zephyrs Card ImageJeweled Scarab Card Image

Sun Raider Phaerix Card ImageBlessings of the Sun Card Image
Anubisath Sentinel Card ImageSummoning Stone Card Image

Temple Escape Card ImageEscape! Card Image
Rumbling Elemental Card ImageSacred Trial Card Image

More Rewards

Obsidian Destroyer Card Image
Defeat Zinaar
Warrior Challenge
Dark Peddler Card Image
Defeat Sun Raider Phaerix
Warlock Challenge
Reno Jackson Card ImageAncient Shade Card Image
Wing Rewards



Chieftain Scarvash Card ImageTrogg Hate Minions! Card ImageTrogg Hate Spells! Card Image
Tunnel Trogg Card ImageEthereal Conjurer Card Image

Mine Cart Card ImageFlee the Mine! Card Image
Tomb Spider Card ImageUnearthed Raptor Card Image

Archaedas Card ImageStonesculpting Card Image
Fierce Monkey Card ImageReliquary Seeker Card Image

More Rewards

Mounted Raptor Card Image
Defeat Chieftain Scarvash
Druid Challenge
Keeper of Uldaman Card Image
Defeat Archaedas
Paladin Challenge
Brann Bronzebeard Card ImageExcavated Evil Card Image
Wing Rewards


The Ruined City

Lord Slitherspear Card ImageGetting Hungry Card ImageEnraged! Card Image
Huge Toad Card ImageGorillabot A-3 Card Image

Giantfin Card ImageMrglmrgl MRGL! Card Image
Anyfin Can Happen Card ImageMurloc Tinyfin Card Image

Lady Naz'jar Card ImagePearl of the Tides Card Image
Pit Snake Card ImageNaga Sea Witch Card Image

More Rewards

Dart Trap Card Image
Defeat Lord Slitherspear
Hunter Challenge
Entomb Card Image
Defeat Giantfin
Shaman Challenge
Everyfin is Awesome Card Image
Defeat Lady Naz'jar
Priest Challenge
Sir Finley Mrrgglton Card ImageJungle Moonkin Card Image
Wing Rewards


The Hall of Explorers

Skelesaurus Hex Card ImageAncient Power Card Image
Fossilized Devilsaur Card ImageRaven Idol Card Image

The Steel Sentinel Card ImagePlatemail Armor Card Image
Cursed Blade Card ImageMuseum Curator Card Image

Rafaam Card ImageUnstable Portal Card Image
Curse of Rafaam Card ImageWobbling Runts Card Image

Rafaam Card ImageStaff of Origination Card Image
Desert Camel Card ImageEerie Statue Card Image

More Rewards

Tomb Pillager Card Image
Defeat Skelesaurus Hex
Rogue Challenge
Animated Armor Card Image
Defeat The Steel Sentinel
Mage Challenge
Elise Starseeker Card ImageArch-Thief Rafaam Card Image
Wing Rewards


New with League of Explorers is a keyword that presents you with three choices.

  • The three cards are randomly selected from a specified pool.
  • You can only discover cards that are available in the format.
  • Class cards are weighted more heavily than neutral.
  • You can not discover cards from other classes.
  • These cards are generated and not from either deck.
  • Duplicate options will not be presented.
  • Tri-Class cards can be discovered by all three corresponding classes.
  • If your hand is full, you will not receive the card.
  • Discover appears on both minions and spells.

In total, 9 discover cards were released with this adventure to initialize the mechanic. It was very well received and remains one of the more popular mechanics.

Reno Jackson

Of all the cards in the set this legendary minion was the most defining. This is the first we saw of highlander decks with no duplicate cards.

  • If your deck contains no duplicates, your hero is fully healed.
  • This card is responsible for plenty of salt.
  • Only your deck is checked for duplicated, not your hand.
  • If the effect is active the card will have a yellow border in your hand. This was not implemented at launch, but much later.
  • If you add multiple copies of a card to your deck in some way during the match, this will prevent the effect from triggering.
  • Playing this card with Auchenai Soulpriest or Embrace the Shadow will destroy your own hero.
  • As this is a Battlecry, the effect will not trigger if it is summoned to the board rather than played.



Throughout the adventure we come across several treasures of immense value and power. Two collectible legendary minions allow you to Discover such objects to use to your advantage.

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Revealed Cards for League of Explorers

These are all the cards that have currently been revealed for League of Explorers.


Jungle Moonkin Card Image
Mounted Raptor Card Image
Raven Idol Card Image


Explorer's Hat Card Image
Desert Camel Card Image
Dart Trap Card Image


Animated Armor Card Image
Ethereal Conjurer Card Image
Forgotten Torch Card Image


Anyfin Can Happen Card Image
Keeper of Uldaman Card Image
Sacred Trial Card Image


Excavated Evil Card Image
Entomb Card Image
Museum Curator Card Image


Unearthed Raptor Card Image
Tomb Pillager Card Image
Pit Snake Card Image


Everyfin is Awesome Card Image
Rumbling Elemental Card Image
Tunnel Trogg Card Image


Reliquary Seeker Card Image
Dark Peddler Card Image
Curse of Rafaam Card Image


Cursed Blade Card Image
Obsidian Destroyer Card Image
Fierce Monkey Card Image


Arch-Thief Rafaam Card Image
Reno Jackson Card Image
Elise Starseeker Card Image
Brann Bronzebeard Card Image
Sir Finley Mrrgglton Card Image
Naga Sea Witch Card Image
Djinni of Zephyrs Card Image
Wobbling Runts Card Image
Summoning Stone Card Image
Eerie Statue Card Image
Ancient Shade Card Image
Fossilized Devilsaur Card Image
Anubisath Sentinel Card Image
Tomb Spider Card Image
Gorillabot A-3 Card Image
Huge Toad Card Image
Jeweled Scarab Card Image
Murloc Tinyfin Card Image

Card Backs

Explorer's Map

Staff of Origination

Game Board

Cinematic Trailer


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    The adventure so powerful, it spawned an enduring archetype, Highlander!

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      * League of Explorer theme song's Intensifies * 


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