Path of Arthas Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

These cards cannot be opened from card packs and instead must be crafted or purchased in the Path of Arthas bundle.

  • The Path of Arthas bundle is 2000 Gold or 1500 Runestones.

Revealed Cards for Path of Arthas

These are all the cards that have currently been revealed for Path of Arthas.

Death Knight

The Scourge Card Image
Frostmourne Card Image
Lady Deathwhisper Card Image
Frostwyrm's Fury Card Image
Blood Boil Card Image
Might of Menethil Card Image
Marrow Manipulator Card Image
Corpse Bride Card Image
Tomb Guardians Card Image
Vicious Bloodworm Card Image
Blood Tap Card Image
Hematurge Card Image
Unholy Frenzy Card Image
Deathchiller Card Image
Nerubian Swarmguard Card Image
Malignant Horror Card Image
Howling Blast Card Image
Glacial Advance Card Image
Asphyxiate Card Image
Darkfallen Neophyte Card Image
Plague Strike Card Image
Dark Transformation Card Image
Bone Breaker Card Image
Icy Touch Card Image
Ymirjar Frostbreaker Card Image
Horn of Winter Card Image


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    Posted 1 year, 7 months ago

    Seeing as all DK cards have been revealed, here's a breakdown of the different rune distribution:

    • 3 cards with 3x Frost Rune
    • 3 cards with 2x Frost Rune
    • 4 cards with 1x Frost Rune
    • 0 cards with 3x Unholy Rune
    • 2 cards with 2x Unholy Rune
    • 4 cards with 1x Unholy Rune
    • 0 cards with 3x Blood Rune
    • 4 cards with 2x Blood Rune
    • 2 cards with 1x Blood Rune
    • 4 cards with no runes

    Summary: Seems Path of Arthas is more Frost rune focused with 10 cards alone being that of Frost.


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