If you're looking to unlock the Golden Demon Hunter Basic cards, you're going to be playing a lot of Hearthstone!

Demon Hunters are a little bit different than Hearthstone's original 9 classes in how Golden card unlocks work. Since there are no Neutral cards in Basic that need an unlock home, the Golden card unlocks for Demon Hunter is 1 every 2 levels starting at level 22. Check out the details down below.

The Golden Demon Hunter Level-up Unlocks

Here are all the unlocks and their levels for Demon Hunter.

Here are all the Golden card images for Demon Hunter's Basic set.

Obtaining Golden Illidan Stormrage and Demonic Illidan

To obtain the Golden version of the basic Demon Hunter hero, Illidan Stormrage, you need to win 500 games. You can also obtain his upgraded hero, Demonic Illidan, by winning 1000 games.