Tuskarrrr Trawler

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Battlecry: Dredge.

Flavor Text

"Fish scales? Junk. A gravestone? Junk. This weird looking puzzle box? Junk. AHA! An Ancharrr!"


Battlecry - Does something when you play it from your hand.

Dredge - Look at the bottom 3 cards of your deck. Put one on top.


  • scm288's Avatar
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    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

    The more I think about Dredge, the more I'm starting to think of it as being like an ever-ready second 'hand' to use for storing cards and retrieving them...

    Is a River Crocolisk good enough to keep in your deck if it gives you the ability to Dredge? Not if the rest of your cards are only as good as River Crocolisk. (Maybe its Pirate status improves it a bit.) This feels more like an Arena card than a Constructed one, but it depends on whether or not the other Dredge options are worth their salt. Maybe you want to be able to Dredge as often as possible. I doubt it, but it could be the case. Sir Finley, Sea Guide shenanigans feel like a more efficient way of doing that, but not everyone will have him.


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