Enhance-o Mechano

Enhance-o Mechano Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

Battlecry: Give your other minions Windfury, Taunt, or Divine Shield (at random).

Flavor Text

His enhancements are gluten free!


Battlecry - Does something when you play it from your hand.

Divine Shield - The first time a Shielded minion takes damage, ignore it.

Taunt - Enemies must attack this minion.

Windfury - Can attack twice each turn.

Enhance-o Mechano Sounds

Attack VO_GVG_107_Attack_02

Death VO_GVG_107_Death_03

Play VO_GVG_107_Play_01

Play CleanMechSmall_Play_Underlay

Attack CleanMechSmall_Attack_Underlay

Death CleanMechSmall_Death_Underlay

Game Accessories

Battlecry Battlecry Mechanized Mechanized Metalhead


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