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Dearly Belligerent,

We assemble this deck today, before the release of our anticipated Legendary pack openings,

out from the foreseen Rise of Shadows release date.

For the beginning of the new meta and the return of  our most beloved Resurrection Priest.

Long gone from standard, we remember Kel'Thuzad and his wonderful Resummoning of our minions. O how we wept, to see his smiling face fade into the wilderness.

But now we are joined by Catrina MuerteKel'Thuzad's successor, with perhaps an even more powerful gift. For even upon an empty field she can Return our devoted minions to us.

AND lest we forget brother Zerek, Master Cloner who with but a Power Word: Replicate or a Power Word: Shield can fill our board with GLORIOUS 5/5 copies of himself.

 New to our little troupe is Archmage Vargoth who loves nothing more than to chant the praises of our Power Word: Replicate, Power Word: Shield or Vivid Nightmare.

Also joining us is Convincing Infiltrator who may sound like a dubious ally, but I assure you, she will allow none past her impenetrable defence.

Likewise the next new addition Recurring Villain may seem less that trustworthy, but I assure you, with but the smallest of encouragements he will return again and again.

With our dear friends Zerek, Master ClonerConvincing Infiltrator and Recurring Villain gone off into the great beyond. Finally Da Undatakah can be with us and help our opponents shuffle off their mortal coil to the Grave Horrors that await the coming Mass Resurrection 

let us prey.

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